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Dalton said no. Taken all together, it was pretty thin stuff. As the calls came in from the Meadows, one of the dispatchers recognized the similarity between the description of the vehicle this shooter had been driving and the one reported by a distressed Uber rider an hour earlier; the dispatcher even called Matt Mellen back for more details.

And yet the whole time, Dalton showed no outward s that anything unusual was happening. He did, so sometime after 5 P. It was her name on the Uber and, subsequent events would suggest, she was the passenger Dalton thought he was picking up. He spoke only one substantive sentence, after the judge asked if he had anything to say.

Kalamazoo, michigan

Whether radical Islam, anti-cop vengeance, suicidal depression, or virulent misogyny, an explanation swiftly emerges to help us understand. The woman said no—in fact, her name was Tiana Carruthers—and Dalton momentarily drove off. The lawyer also shared this: Two days before it happened, Carole did notice that her husband seemed a little down and had asked him about it. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the Internet has given everyone the means to fill it. His behavior was said to be, variously, the fault of Donald Trump, George W. Dashboard camera footage shows police leading Dalton left away from his car, finally putting a stop to his long night of bloodshed.

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As different as one mass shooting may be from another, we have become primed to expect certain patterns. It was right then, as he looped one more time around the Meadows, that he spotted a year-old woman who was leading five young children, including her daughter, across the grass to the playground. Dazed, Mellen told them what had happened. He had to tell the story three times as he was transferred to different jurisdictions, but each time he clearly identified the man as an Uber driver. Any could describe how he seemed.

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Except that on this day, for reasons that Jason Dalton would later struggle to explain, Kalamazoo would be terrorized by a man driving around town and shooting people, apparently at random. He just started driving crazy. Later, there would be much speculation about this phone call, the call that seemed to set Dalton off. Go to clubs. One memory in particular: He and Dalton used to talk about when people went crazy.

By the time he set off back out into the world, he was carrying a loaded Glock 9-mm semi-automatic pistol and he was wearing a bulletproof vest under his jacket. It looked like another ordinary day in the life of an ordinary man in an ordinary part of America. Eerily composed? It was widely assumed that he wore this jacket during his killing spree—but his wife later found it in their house, still in the bag from the store, its tags on, apparently unworn.

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And then we wait to hear about all the warning s that were missed, the clues that, if only recognized or heeded at the time, could have prevented this bloodshed. Potentially meaningful details were seized upon and imbued with far more ificance than they deserved. Or in many places.

Please just let me out! An old insurance co-worker contacted the police and said that when they worked in the same office nearly 15 years earlier, Dalton would get upset when he was challenged by clients. Basically just doing stuff that guys do. One of the last two bullets broke her other leg, and the other went through her buttocks and lodged in her liver.

After Mellen escaped from his car, Jason Dalton sped home. While his wife of 20 years went out with their year-old son and their year-old daughter, Dalton, 45, took their German shepherd, Mia, for a walk, then ran errands for a couple of hours with a friend, Brian.

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He sped into an oncoming-traffic lane, blew through a stopand violently sideswiped a Ford Taurus. After Jason Dalton was captured, the word coming out of the jail was that he had in some way acknowledged his role in the murders. To Cottingham, it almost seemed like Dalton had a dual personality.

One time he yelled and hung up on a customer, and then paced around his desk. But then he turned the car around again and headed back. But the fact that nobody could say for sure why this had happened hardly stopped people. Could such a person exist? What clearer could there be of premeditation, of a man planning a mission, equipping himself?

Seven bullets went into the house behind her, four of these going through the wall, stopped only by the clutter in a closet a few feet from where three teenagers were playing NBA 2K She told them that the man who had done this was heavyset with blue eyes and had a dog in the back of his car.

What the fuck just happened?

The uber killer: the real story of one night of terror

Nobody could survive that many gunshots. Neighbors were quoted saying that Dalton sometimes fired guns out the back of his house. His first fare of the day, a female college student, refused to get in the car because of Mia, but the local man he picked up just after 4 P. He and Dalton even chatted a little to begin with. Mellen also called as he headed down the road to retrieve his car.

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In the aftermath, as everyone struggled to comprehend the chaos Jason Dalton had caused, that was exactly what those closest to him suggested was the case. Going dirt-bike riding. As Dalton sped off, he knew that he had just killed someone. Let me out! But somehow, amid all the chaos and violence to come, this connection seems to have been overlooked or ignored. Two days later, when the public finally got a look at Dalton—on live video streamed from the jail to the courtroom as the charges were read to him, a process that took nearly ten minutes—it was hard to read anything at all on his face.

Even the tactical jacket itself turned out to be one more false australian girl dating Kalamazoo guy. He shot through some more lights and repeatedly swerved onto the wrong side of the road. But, as he did so, he reacted as though nothing had happened. The errands he had done in the early afternoon with his friend Brian involved visiting three gun stores.

Going to the drag strip. Did that really just happen? When he arrived, he went inside and drank a glass of water, then went down to the basement and prepared his guns, filling up the magazines. He remembered Dalton asking him if he was interested in driving for Uber as well, but Brian told his friend he was too busy.

As she did, she was shot four times. Nothing about those hours gave Brian any hint what was coming. Instead, an opportunity to end the violence before it escalated came and went. Dalton had called a little earlier as she and their children were sitting down to eat at Wings Etc. What might have seemed like a crucial moment was actually a brief, banal call from his teenage son about a chicken dinner. First, the violence. In the days afterward, a few scattered news articles purported to offer insight into the mass murderer Jason Dalton. Going to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Jamieson was finding all his memories of Dalton unpleasantly prodded by recent events, and it was only adding to how unexpected this was.

Nothing unusual. In middle age, the two men drifted apart—no real reason, just jobs and families and kids. The first bullet hit her in her left arm.

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Small talk. He told her that he was just tired from all the driving. Around the time when he headed back onto the Kalamazoo streets, Dalton also called his wife. What the hell was that? Still sitting in his car, he took out his Glock semi-automatic and pointed it at Carruthers through the driver-side window. Dalton was an insurance loss adjuster in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but less than two weeks earlier he had also started doing some driving for Uber in his off time.

He hammered the gas pedal. And the person doing the shooting would turn out to be an Uber driver named Jason Dalton. The plan was to take his family to Disney World. In the back, Mia got down on the floor and hid. It was recently estimated that each gun owner in America has an average of eight guns. Afterward, he told Brian he might take a nap, then go to work.

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And that she had never seen him before. Andrew Jamieson was close with Jason Dalton for over ten years and the best man at his wedding.

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This silence left everyone in limbo. The last time Jamieson saw Dalton was a year earlier.

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The second bullet hit her in her right leg. Then, the explanation. Somehow, Dalton was wrong. DeAllen was still waiting for his ride when he heard gunshots, out of sight but somewhere nearby. The Daltons were doing fine, but he liked the idea of making some extra money.