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Dating while living with HIV requires honesty about a medical condition that can be hard to talk about and one that many may not fully understand.

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I loathe the heat and humidity with a passion, I've been told on this Reddit to "embrace" the heat to hell with that. I'm so sick of people looking down on me because I don't want kids. Created Sep 17, Top posts july 5th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top. The military destroyed a great man. Don't like fishing, hunting, or mudding?

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Frankly the town is a bore alongside "most" of the citizenry. Everyone I work with has kids or is in a relationship.

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I just avoid the military after all that. It's totally true about Pensacola, that always pisses people off but it is what it is why do people deny it?.

Dating. here. suuuuuuucks.

I lul'd hard at the child worship part. EdgeLord Supreme just can't get a date, who would have guessed?

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Pensacola is a hard town to be atheist, or progressive. Yeah, I just deleted all the apps last night and started looking at apartments in Austin and Orlando. Until then, I can make mental plans to get out of Pensacola. Speaking of permanent, how 'bout them three branches of military that's in the area?!

This is a great area to move when you've already got a ificant other or family. I guess I just don't fit in. There's a few but you start seeing the same faces over and over. Edit: went through their post history and they are trolling.

GL with that shit. You seem to be pretty bigoted, opinionated, and judgy. There are a few decent men in the military, though.

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I have never seen so many churches prior to moving here. Chain restaurants a few mediocre local ones sprinkled in. Welcome to Pensacola. Been looking at apartments in Austin and Orlando. If you are not working for the dod,nfcu, health care it's pretty much landscaping, retail, tourism perhaps skill labor otherwise it's slightly over federal minimum.

Lots of obvious early life pregnancy and damage goods floating about with the military with the drama that comes with it. If that's your thing, more power to you! Very true, especially the kids thing.

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Having moved here from Detroit, dating here most definitely sucks! I'm currently on POF thinking how dating here is painful. Not shitty at all, I agree it sucks here big time. I just needed to get that out of my system.

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Bit too much child worship around here as if breeding is the end all be all of life. When I lived there and got on PoF, one of the first profiles I saw was a girl straddling a giant pig.

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If I wasn't caring for sick elderly parents I'd ditch this place in a heartbeat. Howdy pardner I met my husband on OkCupid about 3 years ago when we were both around the age of There are definitely people out there! I wish you well in your resettlement and romantic pursuits! Best thing might be to go about your normal routine, do the things you enjoy, and look for those who might have the same interest.

Yeah, welcome to Pensacola. Sort by: best. Different strokes for different folks! Dating apps are a waste of time there.

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I'd rather just move at this point. If you are not getting drunk, on the beachengaged in redneck or outdoorsy pastimes there's really very little to do around here. I can't even find people to hangout with. Feel free to tell me how shitty I am in the comments! Continue this thread. Making friends is also painful. More posts from the Pensacola community.

I move around a lot anyway so I wouldn't mind dating military. If you go to a coffee shop or bookstore, or a game shop, or any social setting regularly might can run into other regulars or random encounters. Prepare for those left swipes! I wouldn't mind a military guy but I can't find a decent one. Everyone single I come across is more focused on "having fun" than entering a real relationship.

I'm out of my element here, and that's okay. Gems are hidden but you gotta look hard. I just want to say thank you for writing this.