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And AF dancing is never a problem if the music is good! Could I learn to enjoy myself without alcohol? After becoming so disillusioned with dating and men, I took some time out to work on me.

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They are now following suit and deciding to give AF life a go as a result of seeing the positive change in me. The longer I went sober the better I felt. Mark Valentine. One Year No Beer. I have become more confident and learned that the anxiety I used to feel in social situations, that I would try to suppress with alcohol, was actually being fuelled by it. It was over three months before he had a drink in my company and not because he was holding back. That was the moment in Novemberand on the 1st Jan I publicly announced on my social media channels I was going AF for days.

So, thank you and cheers to OYNB for creating this incredible movement and showing me how to live life better.

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What if I just gave it a go? I could be at home watching Casualty right now and having a much better time! I decided to leave my very secure day job to focus on my new personal development business I had set up — something I definitely would not have had the confidence to do if I had still been drinking.

I did hide these little factoids initially, but felt I was being dishonest and almost tricking guys. Hangover after hangover I was beginning to become more disillusioned with drink. Yeah, its uncomfortable at first and I hated the social anxiety I experienced, which is why I drank. How amazing would it be if I did?

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Predators and prey. So I decided if I was going to find someone, I needed to be honest and truthful about who I am.

Quickie: Looking for Love? Open in app. Take the Challenge! I now know who and what brings me joy. I became a personal development junkie, transforming every aspect of my life and during my AF challenge.

But I realised that actually that anxiety dissipated much quicker when I just acknowledge my feelings and dealt with them, rather than blocking it out with another Vodka Lemonade! Soon, people could see I was genuinely happy and passionate about the change and others started to be inspired by me. Just as I was losing all faith and had got to the point of not even getting excited about going on dates anymore, I met Dave. But I was too afraid to voice my concerns.

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Coach Corey Wayne. But with everything else falling into place, it was time to focus back on the relationships after several years of living like a nun! I loved it. Will I drink again? Rick Martinez. I thought women do it all the time when they are pregnant.

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Entry 3. He was different, he was full of chat and asked me lo of questions and was impressed I was doing this challenge.

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More From Medium. in Get started. Get started. I had been single for 7 years. Dave and I dated for another two months before making it official — each date was AF, adventurous and fun.

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He drinks himself, but only occasionally. Now I just take the car and can leave when I want. I was the always the first to get the shots in and the one partying right to the end. We were both able to really get to know each other without the beer goggles.

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Learning to face it head on has been a game changer in building my confidence. A hangover is bad enough, but combine it with a romantic entanglement that is no longer appealing in the cold light of day, It just made my self-worth and esteem plummet.

Nick Lopez. We arranged to meet in a local country pub for lunch and chatted over a nice cup of tea! He told me his story and I was so inspired, but it was one line that really caught my imagination.

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But over time, my confidence grew, I started learning how socialise without alcohol and still be the life and soul of the party. Initially, friends would try and get me to drink.

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Get Outraged! Going to a pub is fine, but there are more creative ways to date! I remember having this sobering epiphany moment.

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Get started Open in app. Eradicating booze from my life has given me peace. I had dalliances in that time, often as a result of drunken night out with the beer goggles on which led to some serious poor judgement calls on my behalf!

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I sounded dull as dishwater. One year out of drinking from age 15—80 is a tiny percentage of my life and suddenly I started wondering what that would be life and if I could do it. How to Grow a Love Relationship. I had FOMO, I never left a night out early, even if it was crap — I was the eternal optimist and confident the night would turn round eventually.

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But what is fantastic about OYNB is the community, the role models and having a new tribe to connect with. Dave is a policeman and witnesses the carnage that alcohol causes each and every weekend. in. High Value Woman.