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Do you need a Girlfriend Getaway? Fort Collins is the perfect destination to get away with the girls and enjoy outdoor adventure, spa pampering, wine and chocolate and everything else in between. Located in Lory State Park, this 1. This relaxing experience will get you set and ready to enjoy the rest of your vacation in Fort Collins, CO. At Coppermuse customers can tour the distillery and sample spirits in the tasting room, choosing from a menu of nearly 20 cocktails and growingshowcasing Coppermuse Vertueux Vodka, whiskeys, rums and an assortment of infused vodkas - from vanilla to lemon to cucumber.

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She enjoys poetry, Sylvia Plath and hanging around at the Alley Cat, where you'll meet her one day, when you both try to plug your laptop chargers into the same outlet. But the girl part. She'll climb Horsetooth at sunrise any day and stuff her face in a burrito with you at Cafe Mexicalli. You'll be relieved though, because she was only 20 and you just want to go rebound at the Rec Room. She loves taking shots and selfies with her sorority sister besties -- and accidentally hooking up with her ex.

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Things were OK at first, but now, everything you do is offensive. She wears Warby Parkers and sometimes a beanie. Needless to say, after trying to impress her with raw dinner from Tasty Harmony and an intermediate Bikram yoga class She's smart, she's driven and she's got a pair of really long Ultimately, she's got it together. After two weeks, you'll accidentally wear a polo shirt on your date, she'll say you're cramping her style and dump you.

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: Articles. She's got every craft brewery represented on the back of her car and a hair feather from Did I mention she has a great rack?

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She's got huge jugs -- Nalgene jugs, that is. And, I'm basically an expert on being a girl in Fort Collins.

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They look pretty much the same and have an affinity for having words on their butts. It seems everything that comes out of your mouth is a social injustice. One day, after she finds a Facebook photo of you from your fraternity days hashtagged nohomo, she'll dump your non-P. At first things are great because, admittedly, she's pretty hot.

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Because she's a grad student. In. Shelby Published: March 10, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. But, she still has time to share a kombucha with you and go to a mediocre local folk band show at the Aggie Theatre. You may think she's the best girl out there, but one weekend at Redfeather and too many PBRs, she'll be helping your best friend pitch his tent, and the two of you will be history when she starts knockin' boots in his sleeping bag.

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You know, THAT one. But, for real. She teaches classes at Elan three nights a week after she gets off of her job at the new Trader Joe's. Admittedly, I've never dated a girl from Fort Collins, but I've dated some guys who have.

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She's also sometimes dancing on the bar at Bondi's. Here are the five girls you'll date from Fort Collins. Back To Top. After she posts five Instagrams in one day with you bae, you unfollow her, and then she throws her non-fat sugar-free iced vanilla frappacino on you and unfollows you.

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And she looks good in her North Face jacket and jeans tucked into boots. A ski rack, that is. But, she's a little stressed out, and she's not afraid to let you know just how badly.

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