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Secretly praying to watch you 6 together everyday P. Penning this down as soon as watching a show of 1hr 40 mins to be precise P. Scribble a pile of shit, I'd still call it poetry He read lines with me. But in my case, I ideolise both the friendship and the friends equally. To Friendship An open letter. Whatever be the case : if they were or not on a break : Rachel inspired a lot of us to dress elegantly and ask your hall mates "What is that noiseeeee".

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The way Joey hugged Chandler from behind for one last time before he moved out, made my soul weep. I have had friends in the past who stuck with me during storms and draughts, but I never had the opportunity to share the littlest of moments with any of them like you guys did. Two dumb person, who are basically neighbours become Chandler love match search. Remember when Chandler was stuck in the Atm vestibule with Jill Goodacre and how he wanted to share this prized moment with his friends but didn't want it to be obvious to her, so he spoke in a gibberish accent which Monica couldn't understand, but it didn't take Joey more than a second to decipher.

There were ups and downs throughout the way. To the guys who have redefined that definition of 'Bromance' and 'Constant', you have set high the standards of friendship and brought out to the world what friendship is supposed to be in real life. But one day I realised that I wasn't just in love with you, it was the friendship of yours that I was more in love with. I could see myself in Jen who was constantly crying throughout the shoot and helding it up with the tissue.

People will call me strange for saying that this was the best moment you can have with a person who is very close to you and I was already in love with the friendship and deep mutual understanding you guys shared. I didn't want it to end. Chandler Bing, You failed to see that thing!

He not only did understand what Chandler was speaking but also had a conversation with him Chandler love match search that very language. The movie really can change your idea of friendship. From someone who never had a best friend like you. Starting from day 1, Chandler taught us sarcasm nails conversations more than the double meaning jokes - "And I just want a million dollars", "you have to stop the q-tip, when there's resistance" They never fail to mention how important "Monica clean" is.

If there is one person out there who loves Chandler more than any other being in this world, even more than Monica, then it's Joey. You have been there for eachother at your most extreme and vulnerable and happy times and it is nothing but a blessing to have someone as such by your side in your life.

I long for that moment when without having to explain myself, the other person would understand me. Even these F. After all - I'll be there for you.

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You always believed in me man. Special Of all the Janices' She was my Monica. The one where we all became a fan! Yeah, that's what makes this pair of friends special.

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The one where Chandler fooled around with Joey's sister and couldn't remember which one, gave me anxiety attacks because I was afraid of things heading getting perilous. But am I being wierd here or selfish thinking that this would be the last time where we could see them all 6 sitting on the same couch and laughing. Meanwhile Others: Why do you make fun of the real serious shit that's going on around us?

It was the worst holiday for him as his parents told him they were splitting on that very holiday. I instantly found my fictional crushes and I couldn't stop myself from adoring you.

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The way Joey was upset and sad when Chandler moved to Tulsa, made me feel helplessly adore the love you have for each other. I can see why they didn't want the reboot or a movie made. I don't remember if I was joking when I say my first cigarette after nap time at the age of nine reminded me of the good old times. That's what makes me cheerful I read my comments like I'm having a hanger in my mouth. I mean its not just a show but a life where anyone could see themself on any of the character.

I ship Janice! In you, I have witnessed the pristine most form of friendship that makes my heart yearn for one.

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Because I do a good 'Monica'. You guys.

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You were ready to cross limits to prove your love to each other and that is not something that happens often in a generation like this. Those little moments of friendship you shared is all that I look for in all my relationships. Her voice is It is. Is this just me or anyone else thinking that how could a show just a TV show could be this special.

The time when Joey moved out and Eddie moved in and how Chandler and Joey was too shy to admit about their love for eachother was the one which won millions of hearts and set so many high standards for friendship for the millennials. Aaand the Truth is, Some Lovers ends up being "Janice!!

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To have a friendship so deep, so strong, so raw, so blissful, so desirable and so beautiful like yours, would be no less than a blessing. Watching them reliving their character which was 17 yrs old and still been able to crack it up. No word will be big enough to thank you guys!!

You were each other's best friend and you never let any hindrance tear you apart. Always gets Chandler on his nerves-- is the reason He finds her annoying-- and not the feelings She has for him.

Sometimes people adore the idea of the feeling more than they ideolise the person experiencing it. If that's not the purest form of friendship, I don't know what else is. With every laugh, with every hug and with every kiss.

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Whatever Chandler. Yes, I do wear the wits in my sleeves and I've seen a lot more than average.

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One of them is dieing. But the way amendments were made, made my heart flutter with happiness. But you never made the downs get the best of you. I see in you the role models of the truest form of friendship and I don't know if I could ever find someone like you. You were each other's best friend. You always believed in each other, supported each other and nurtured each other's growth.

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Friends is all about how we have our special ones despite our differences and opinions. The more I got to know you, the more I fell in love with you and as time passed, my love for you kept growing.

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To my "Men who cook meat and make fire and put it out by peeing on it and never get invited again", to "My Chanoey", to my "J-Man and Channy", to my "Bracelet Buddies", to my "Best buds", I love you and I crave for a friendship like yours. But as always I hope my sarcasm would defend me against anything that's upto hurt me again. I'd say she's special, her own way She's the happiest out of all When she laughs her lungs out!

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You had each other's back through thick and thin and rain and snow. To be ready to live inside a box and put on lipstick for the sake of friendship is rare. The episode with Kathy broke my heart not because of the way things had become with Chandler, but more because I was afraid of your friendship turning precarious. You were each other's spine.

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You came out as an epitome of friendship and if I ever look for labels of best friendship, then I would always look for a Chandler to my Joey. Throughout the show, you made me yearn and crave for a friendship like yours a little more than. So the hate he has when they're together, even when she makes Love to Him! Asks Phoebe, his best friend to break up with her on his behalf, Leaves her twice, thrice They're on again, off again I wonder why would he tell her, "Then don't leave me Janice! I long for that understanding. A friendship so subtle, a bond so pure, a companion so dumb.

Over time all I have learnt from you are the important rules of friendship and what it's true and real form is. She's iconic, in her story. While Phoebe taught us to sing the wrong lyrics and the importance of "lobsters"Joey on the other hand. But then Joey said "Chandler's my best friend.