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Things get hot when a young couple slip into an adult theater to cool off on a hot Chicago night. I moved to Chicago right out of college. It was the late 's and I was a struggling, underpaid, overworked, twenty-something single bisexual woman, but I always found a way to have fun. Lots of bars and night clubs, lots of dancing and lots of dates.

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There was an AIDS vigil near the college over the weekend. I began to reflect on how he talked and how he looked at me and I realized that he might be a queer. As the night wore on, guys got tired or drunk and headed back so a buddy and I were left alone on our adventure in downtown Chicago.

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I laid there for a while, slowly stroking my hardon and using my other hand to play with my balls, stroke my inner thighs, play with my asshole, etc. About two years ago I began to explore sex with men also. In the morning, he would take us back. Various thoughts raced through my head and even though I knew that I liked women and had never wanted a man sexually, I realized that the sexual situations he had described earlier were turning me on.

He then brought up the possibility of two guys and one woman and I figured what the hell; that could be great too. I had been down at the river tubing for most of the day summer school frolics and could not get the images of semi-nude college kids running around.

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We had orders to go to Chicago to provide additional security and support to local authorities in anticipation of possible problems during the Democratic National Convention being held there during the turbulent summer of I was part of a group of about 20 and we would be stationed at a military inst allation in a Chicago suburb.

This one was going to be more of an adventure than I had thought. A couple of other cocksuckers were down on their knees giving head to guys who were standing against the wall. It was also getting late and I was making noises about having to get back so we wouldn't be in trouble for getting back late. I had been going more slowly and wasn't drunk at all; just feeling a buzz which tends to diminish all inhibitions. He talked about the possibility of having sex with more than one woman at one time which certainly sounded hot to me!

I was pretty sure that my buddy would have no interest is these options. To a 21 year old GI, the only sights that were worth seeing involved booze and babes! - the home of bbw lovers

I figured since it was so early I'd be the only one there. We found ourselves sharing bar space with a guy in his 40's who was also alone and he struck up a conversation with us. I am in my mid 20's 6 ft tall and lbs,and had always been straight. It was clear that he liked the looks of my naked body -- my cock and my ass too. I was getting warm from the beer and the closeness of the room and I was soon getting sleepy in spite of the frustrations I was feeling. Luckily, this was a long weekend, Memorial Day they called it. He brought up the subject of two couples together at the same time including the two women enjoying each other while the guys watched and maybe even jacked off while watching the women.

Joe was a different story. If he woke up, I would just tell him that he should shower too before going back and that our friend had offered to take us back.

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Dressed in an old T and some cord shorts, sans briefs, I was enjoying the balmy, humid warmth resulting from a sunny day at the beach. The bathroom mirror faced the door and I could see in it that he was continuing to watch me as I entered the bathroom. Add to the fact that there were thousands of conventioneers in town and the term "party" could be envisioned to mean lots of things! During the last few days before our scheduled departure for home, we were rewarded with some time off to go see the sights of Chicago. TDY -- temporary duty was always good to have.

Let me know if you enjoy.

I left the bathroom door wide open as I stepped into the shower -- again an open invitation to the guy if my thoughts were correct, but still easily explained away if he weren't so inclined. Having been in the army for a couple of years and being an NCO, I enjoyed those occasional opportunities that came along to go places away from my home fort.

This is a true story about a young military man and his adventure in Chicago. I was at Virginia Beach walking the boardwalk to ease the full feeling from a big seafood dinner. I am writing the experiences I have had and posting them. I dropped my boxers and walked past him to the bathroom -- my cock was beginning to firm up as I walked and it was beginning to rise as I passed him.

Gay was not in vogue then and the idea of "bi" was a totally foreign concept to me. I said I also needed to shower before reporting back and he offered to let me use his shower. I would not make any big deal of my being naked -- hell, should I shower with my clothes on! He asked about the thought of one guy eating her pussy and having his cock sucked by the other guy! I was feeling quite bored with the things that were going on in my life at this point. We were only young soldiers with little money to spend and competing with the conventioneers was just not realistic.

Chicago sex stories free lamented about our lack of companionship and wondered if he knew of any "women" who would take pity on a couple of underpaid soldiers.

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During this topic, he broached the subject of same sex play -- the two women together as well as with the guy. I kept my eyes moving, watching for any al that some man might send. After all, there was no sense in waking my buddy who was still asleep on the couch. He didn't! I had to admit that I agreed with that thought process.

I was also beginning to consider the options that the present situation presented with just him and me.

I said that would be fine with me since the guys would be watching the women too. Something really kept gnawing at me. And, all the talk about sex in general and his uninhibited attitude about the various options for having sex were making me all the more frustrated sexually. Just one of those days, I guess.


It was clear to him and to me that my desire was to have met some hot women and have some great sex with them, but it was equally obvious that that did not happen. My experiences had taken place at one bathhouse or a video porn emporium. This fact soon became a major factor on the rest of the evening's events for me.

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Hmm, interesting thought. I was feeling the beer and also my horny situation had not been relieved either. Alas, it seemed that there would be no sex this trip. Let us think about that His room was nice and sure enough, his small refrigerator had the promised beer which was soon being consumed by us and our new friend.

The fact that my buddy was still sleeping on the couch didn't bother me. Unfortunately, while booze was plentifully available, the babes were not. Now, what was to be done for this horny GI; and then there was the issue of the other one sleeping on the couch. I said I didn't know if it would bother me or not to have a guy sucking my cock while I ate a pussy. However, the talk about sex and the images he was creating for me was making my sexually unfulfilled state all the worse! Obviously he was trying to get a feel for my attitudes about sex outside the normal boundaries. My girlfriend had gone home for a week to attend her sisters wedding and I had gotten stuck at school during exams.

A crazy, overly emotional roommate. If he suspected anything, I would just say how we had been drinking and I wanted to clean up. My buddy was already pretty high when we hooked up with this guy and he soon fell asleep! Frequent jetsetter meets a boy he has never seen before. Bills were coming at a rate faster than usual.

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I asked if the offer for his shower was still open and he told me where the towels, soap and even the guest toothbrush were located. Sutterman is a three-story building with all the rooms opening to the outside, and every pair of rooms is ed by a common bathroom shared by four residents. Besides, he was making sure that he included the thought that sex with someone else is much better than just jacking off alone! The story continues in. There were about ten guys in the room, most just sipping their beers, waiting for something to happen, watching the porno movie that flickered on the wall while the music pounded.

Due to our specialty, we had a bit more freedom than the other or so soldiers who were there from other forts. Our talk soon moved onto the topic of sex and he began to nudge the conversation to more than just traditional sexual fun with females.

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Innocent enough, but the shower curtain starting to slide open was clearly crossing the line. Nice guy! We were there primarily for logistical support and never came into contact with the many protesters and others who made life difficult for the police, so our temporary duty passed pretty much without much of a problem.

That was more than acceptable to me and I told him how I would love to be in that situation. But that night nobody in the room turned me on and I was getting bored. He did offer for us to him in his suite where he had some beer and we could at least cut our drinking costs to nothing.

That sounded pretty good to me too and I told him so.

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I decided to play a hunch and agreed to take a shower and went to the bed and undressed to my boxers. He suggested that we stay there for the rest of the night. Soon, he came into the bathroom -- surprise -- as he supposedly had to pee. He then asked if it would bother me to see another guy jacking off, or if being watched by another guy would be okay.

My roommate Mark had been my friend for some time, but he wasn't the kind of person I would have considered pursuing anything with. I would love to fuck a woman and watch her sucking a cock or having her sucking my cock while the other guy fucked her. I made little effort to hide the fact that I was watching to see if he was paying any attention to me -- he was! He seemed to appreciate the sight. Even my memories of situations involving male sex never caused me to question my preference for women.