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For "Class C Misdemeanor" offenses the initial punishment assessed does not include jail time.

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She would block Gonzalez once she realized it was him. Their sexual encounters were arranged via Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, according to court documents.

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Then, he mentioned that he had sex with her three times. Gonzalez then allegedly created 10 fake Facebook and Snapchat s. The last time he had sex with her was about two years ago, he told police. During the interview, she stated that the first time she and Gonzalez had sex for money was when she was 14 or 15 years old while she was at an after party, where she met Gonzalez.

But further investigation revealed that Gonzalez had sex with the teen when she was a juvenile.

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She would reply to Gonzalez to leave her alone. She added that she was on drugs but could not specify the type of drug. On May 6, David Israel Gonzalez, 22, was served with warrants charging him with stalking and harassment. Gonzalez would pass by her home and send her photos of her home, according to court documents. A year-old female stated that a man identified as Gonzalez kept passing by her residence and harassing her.

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She eventually added him on Snapchat to avoid him making profiles. She allegedly feared for her well-being.

Authorities additionally charged him with five counts of compelling prostitution younger than 18 years old and five counts of sexual assault of. The woman showed the detective messages from Gonzalez on her Snapchat .

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Police asked her why he would send her money. The case dates back to March 26, when a Laredo police officer responded to a harassment call reported in the block of Alvarado Lane. Gonzalez is about five years older than the woman, according to court documents. Police learned that Gonzalez had messaged her for at least a year.

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She added that Gonzalez messages her and offers her money. The investigator asked her if she ever had sex with Gonzalez for money. She had met Gonzalez about three years ago but stopped talking to him in March because she had a dating relationship.

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She stated he would send her money for sex, states the affidavit. They had sex at the Motel 6 on San Bernardo Ave. She added the last times she had sex for money was in June She stated she had sex for money with Gonzalez no more than five times, states the affidavit.

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On May 6, police arrested Gonzalez and served him with warrants charging him with harassment and stalking. He first denied the sexual relationship with the teen. He was then taken to LPD headquarters, where police informed him about the sexual abuse allegations.

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She said she had sex for money with Gonzalez about two years ago, when she was 15 years old. I am really high.

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Gonzalez then detailed the sexual activity between him and the teen. She added she did not know at the time that what she was doing was wrong.

She added she would not have sex with Gonzalez without the money, records state. He allegedly created those fake profiles to contact her. She had sex with Gonzalez multiple times but stopped at the age of 17 because she began a relationship with her boyfriend, states the affidavit. She blocked more than 10 fake Facebook profiles that belonged to Gonzalez, states the affidavit. Investigators asked him if he knew how old the teen was at the time of the sexual offenses.

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