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The adobe structure was built on the northwest corner of First and Washington streets and served as the town hall, county offices and general meeting place of early Phoenix. It was built in at the corner of Second Avenue and Washington Street.

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The east and west streets were named after our presidents. It was ed by Governor John C. Fremont on Feb. On May 3,the first election was held in the newly incorporated city with a population of approximately 2, The outcome:.

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And the pattern followed - one to the north and one to the south - until recent years. Although various religious organizations had been formed bythe first church building erected in Phoenix was the Central Methodist Church. InJack Swilling of Wickenburg stopped to rest his horse at the foot of the north slopes of the White Tank Mountains.

You may also download a version in PDF format. Henry Garfias The first regular meeting of the City Council was held on May 9, The first ordinance adopted was the one relating to the official seal of the city described as follows:.

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William A. Hancock was secretary. Bya small colony had formed approximately four miles east of the present city.

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The declaratory statement was filed at the Prescott Land Office on Feb. Official entry was made at the Florence Land Office on Nov. That year also marked the entry into Phoenix of the first telegraph line. Find out about our city's early history on thisthe text of which is excerpted from the Communication Office's Out of the Ashes publication.

Our third president, Jefferson, had the first street south of Washington named after him. Morris Goldwater was the first operator of this station, located in his father's store on the northwest corner of First and Jefferson streets.

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A post office was established in Phoenix on June 15,with Jack Swilling as postmaster. Phoenix's modern history begins in the second half of the 19th century.

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The rapid influx of pioneers continued, and byit was clear that a townsite had to be selected. That is the accepted derivation of our name.

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Bythere were 16 saloons, four dance halls, two monte banks and one faro table in Phoenix. Washington Street was placed in the middle and Adams, who was the second president, was given the first street to the north. Phoenix officially was recognized on May 4,when the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, the county of which we were then a part, formed an election precinct here.

At a mass meeting held at the courthouse on Oct. John Smith became the chairman of the trustees and Charles W. Stearns the treasurer, with Capt. Alsap acted as chairman and Capt.

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The bill made Phoenix an incorporated city and provided for a government consisting of a mayor and four council members. To administer this new townsite, the Salt River Valley Town Association was formed with its articles carrying the following atures:. A safe location was required for the money being made in the Valley. On Oct. Today, it would encompass the downtown business section, bounded on the north by Van Buren Street, on the south by Jackson Street, on the east by Seventh Street and on the west by Seventh Avenue.

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Washington Street was the main street and, on the early maps, showed to be feet wide. The sharp whistle of the first steam mill in the Valley added a brisk note to the sound of emerging industry. Hancock continuing as secretary. The first Catholic priest came to Phoenix in But it was not until after that an adobe church building, the Sacred Heart of St. Louis at Third and Monroe streets, replaced the Otero home as a place for Catholics to worship. The first store building to be erected in the new town was Hancock's Store, a general store opened in Julyby William Smith.

It was Darrell Duppa who suggested the name Phoenix, inasmuch as the new town would spring from the ruins of a former civilization.

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Others suggested the name Salina, but neither name suited the inhabitants. As a matter of historical interest, a shooting between two other candidates for the office, J. Chenowth and Jim Favorite, resulted in Favorite's death and Chenowth's withdrawal from the race. He looked down and across the expansive Salt River Valley and his eyes caught the rich gleam of the brown, dry soil turned up by the horse's hooves.

In Phoenix had a population of 2, a school enrollment of pupils, an ice factory and a new brick sidewalk in front of the Tiger Saloon.

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The same year, the company began digging a canal to divert some of the water of the Salt River onto the lands of the Valley. On Nov. Just as Phoenix had outgrown its original townsite-commissioner form of government, it grew too large for the village trustee operation.

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The first lot was purchased by Judge William Berry of Prescott. Hundreds of years before any of the cities in the eastern part of our country were so much as clearings in the wilderness, a well established, civilized community occupied the land we know as Phoenix. John T. Alsap, James Murphy and J. Perry were selected by majority vote to be the townsite commissioners. By Octobera small adobe school building was completed on Center Street now Central Avenuea short distance north of where the San Carlos Hotel now stands. This first town of Phoenix was one mile long, a half-mile wide and contained 96 blocks.

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By Marchwater flowed through the canal, and a few members of the company raised meager crops that summer. Hancock was also a surveyor, and he made the first survey of the townsite and laid out the lots and the town. Roving Indians, observing the Pueblo Grande ruins and the vast canal system these people left behind, gave them the name "Ho Ho Kam" -- the people who have gone.

Swilling, having been a confederate soldier, wanted to name the new settlement Stonewall after Stonewall Jackson. The ultimate fate of this ancient society, however, is a mystery.

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The townsite-commissioner form of government, however, was not working well. Yavapai County was divided on Feb. The sixth county in the state, Maricopa, gave up portions in and to help form Pinal and Gila counties, respectively. The effort wasn't successful, but another enterprise saw its beginning.

Those former residents were industrious, enterprising and imaginative. By this time, the paper had progressed from a weekly publication to semiweekly. Holsum Bakery realized the opportunities Phoenix had to offer and opened its doors in Within the next 10 years, great strides were made toward maturity of a modern city.

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Miss Nellie Shaver, a newcomer from Wisconsin, was appointed as the first female schoolteacher in Phoenix. They built an irrigation system, consisting mostly of some miles of canals, and the land became fertile.

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Schooling for Phoenix's youth began in About 20 children studied under the guidance of Jean Rudolph Darroche in the courtroom of the county building. Swilling's Mill became the new name of the area. The north-south streets originally carried Indian names, but these were changed in favor of the more easily remembered s - with streets being to the east of Central Avenue and avenues to the west.

The accepted belief is that it was destroyed by a prolonged drought.

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All it needed was water. The Pueblo Grande ruins, which were occupied between A. The wide Salt River ran through the Valley of the Sun, but there was little rain and no melting snow to moisten the brown earth from river to mountain range on either side. He saw farm land, predominately free of rocks, and in a place beyond the reach of heavy frost or snow. The first county election was held inwhen Tom Barnum was elected the first sheriff of Maricopa County.