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Jump to. A divorce is a court judgment ending a marriage. The court requires a "legal reason" for the divorce. Grounds or reasons for a divorce are discussed starting at question In addition to legally ending your marriage, the court looks at other issues which need to be decided before the divorce becomes final. Married couples may choose to live apart from each other, but remain married, for religious, personal, or financial reasons, or for the sake of the children.

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However, the parties move from living in one residence to three. How is property divided in a divorce? Can I have an attorney represent me for one day in court? I was just served with a divorce complaint. Can I see the children? The t goal should be to raise the children to be productive adults who can have ificant relationships as an adult. What is the difference between merging the separation agreement into the decree nisi or having it separate from the decree? Does Massachusetts recognize common law marriage? Does custody and visitation affect the amount of child support?

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Equitable division means that the property will be divided fairly. Do I have to fill out a financial statement?

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How will a court determine how much alimony to award to a party? The answers given above are based on Massachusetts law and practice and should not be considered as applicable to any other state. This website should not be considered a substitute for proper, individualized advice from an attorney.

What is a legal separation? What is Mandatory Discovery? I entered into a Civil Union in another state; can I marry someone else in Massachusetts? How do I enforce my court orders? What happens when a custody or visitation order is violated? Can I change them? Can I terminate child support? I inherited property from my parents.

Massachusetts divorce basics

Can I get the marriage annulled? What is rehabilitative alimony? Can we a postnuptial agreement to try to save the marriage? Is it valid? My child wants to live with my spouse.

Uncontested divorce in massachusetts

Who pays my legal fees? What is reimbursement alimony? Therefore, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney to determine your specific rights. Do I need to hire an attorney? If Massachusetts punished people who moved out of the marital home then it would cause people who are married to an abuser to remain in the abusive household.

Can one attorney represent both me and my spouse? Can I take a new job that pays less and reduce my child support payment? We were just married and I realize this was a mistake. The problems with nesting usually outweigh the benefits.

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In my experience the parents start spying on the other. If the parties use the two alternate household model the problems still remain for the residence with the children but not for the other residence.

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How can I make my divorce less stressful for my children? Can I change my name before I get divorced?

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How long will it take for my divorce to become final? My spouse and I separated and the children are with my spouse. If a marriage is not filed with the state, is the marriage legal? How will the court decide these issues? How long do I have to live in Massachusetts prior to filing for divorce in Massachusetts? Equitable division does not mean an equal division of property, although an equal division of property is common.

What is the automatic financial restraining order? Do I have to take a parenting course? What is spousal support? My spouse wants a divorce and has given me papers to .

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What is a Parent coordinator? What is a contempt? If the parents use the single alternate residence model the entire arrangement can make separation more affordable. My spouse and I ed a separation agreement; do I still need a divorce?

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My spouse and I have been having difficulties. Does an uncontested divorce require a court hearing? Will the property be valued as of the date of separation? What is t custody? Is a simplified divorce procedure allowed in Massachusetts?

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My ex-spouse filed for bankruptcy; what do I do? What are temporary orders? What are the terms used to identify the parties in a divorce proceeding?

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Both parents should cooperate to reduce the stress on the children. Can I just take the children and move? It takes much more money to maintain this model and very few people have the resources or the desire to pay the bills for three households. How do I serve a missing spouse in a divorce?

Effects on alimony when entering a new relationship during divorce

I have been separated from my spouse for years. Why are financial statements on colored paper? My divorce should be final by now. Please note that bankruptcy court determines if the debt is a domestic support obligation or property division and the state Probate Court has no power to determine this for a bankruptcy. Can I get alimony? What happens to retirement funds in a divorce?

This is much less expensive than a two or three bedroom apartment for each parent so that the children can spend overnights with each. The parents usually have issues with housekeeping, stocking of food and supplies, and privacy. What happens to this property in a divorce?

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Can I oppose the divorce? How do I pay my bills while the divorce is pending in court? I have custody of my children and I want to move to another state. Can I hire an attorney to draft documents for me? What is an uncontested divorce?

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This memorandum is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. What effect does remarriage have on child support? I have been served with a contempt; what do I do? This would be unconscionable. Can I relinquish my parental rights? Few people tolerate their ex-partner entertaining a new romantic partner in their bed.

How dating may impact custodial rights during divorce hearings

My spouse and I ed a prenuptial agreement. How do you start a divorce? What happens to debt and other liabilities in a divorce? The alternate residence can be a studio or one bedroom apartment. Can men receive alimony?

I currently cover my ex-spouse on my health insurance policy. Of course this gets worse when a parent starts dating. What is the Limited Appearance Rule? How do I stop my spouse from transferring assets?