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Then she took up the most impressive business of that meeting, the adopting of our cheers, andat various pitches of the scale, ed in: Che hee! Nothing to see but he, untidy he, and faces, hot, blazing faces. Every now and then one ran up against the busy camel, led about by the shouting orange-colored Arab. Ever since that night of our early youth has the Class of looked back upon the Pan American as the ideal show, whose heartiness, joviality and generous spirit we should do well to emulate. Leuba may tell us that pure sensations are impos- sible, I know I had them, vivid and quite apart from my past life, at our first class meeting.

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They asked me lots of questions, and seemed awfully interested in me, for the moment I began to speak they would all stop talking among themselves and listen to what I said. Helen Sturgis was somewhere near. The next sensation which was absolutely pure was that caused by the rapidity of the air vibrations from without. But it was, and proud were they who received it. Juniors brave of !

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There were hucksters, from whom we bought popcorn, or souvenirs, mostly little buffaloes. Among other distinct impressions I had a fixed idea that I could never be president of self-government if I should be once proctored for making a noise, that I was taking the stiffest course in college, and would undoubtedly flunk out at mid years, and that, should I chance to escape this accident and remain in B.

On the evening of Friday, October 11, trotted in its best bib and tucker to Pem- broke East, where the Senior Class entertained them, with much ice cream and cake, and the dear old songs. Copyright information may be available in the Rights Status field listed in this item record below.

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We were not looking our best when we emerged into the light of Pembroke Arch, but we were, I think, supremely happy. Once the lights were turned out, but the struggling that got nowhere, and the cries that deafened one, only increased.

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The flames came from the threshold of the Chamber of Horrors across the Styx, where appeared the horrid pallid shades of the Proctor, the Alcohol Fiend Borrowerthe Murmuring Heart, and others more human, like the girl sent from gym, with her variegated stockings and bows. Was to leave Denbigh by the same door through which it entered?

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Please see the Reproductions and Access for more information. I suppose it just happened that all those four Juniors are sort of poor girls, for all they had was tea and bread and butter. No one could have been introduced to college life in a more representative way—representative not only of choice wit, spontaneous noise and general joviality, but also in the very best and most wholesome way of good feeling and Junior spirit.

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One solace was offered in the form of a highly-colored German band, whose dashing conductor is memorable; the refreshments were served by dainty little deutsch maids. Push, back there!

We knew that somehow we were going to have a flag, but no one had any expectation of the really beautiful scene that was to accompany its presentation. I went home a wiser girl. We had a cold reception—thrown from the second story windows—as we entered. All this first part was the joviality side of a Junior Show.

Those who sang best were at the head. October 9. It was a result of the sounds which I heard issuing from a tall, lank classmate who stood in painful proximity to me. I must ask her some day! As we walked through Pembroke East and West, it was as if we rested after Denbigh. I had conceived of the bed, and dresser, and washstand, as possibilities, but the bookshelves and walls, the picture moulding and transoms in this capacity had not formed a part of my past experience.

We first came to under- stand the deeper side when we all sat together on the floor and waited for the curtain to rise, still wondering at everything, but in a quieter way. Che hee ha! Outside of Radnor I remember noticing Miss Lange and some loyal 's, who were singing in a splendidly savage way. Down behind Radnor we formed a long procession, single file. We were then in the study of Miss Farwell and Miss Thayer. A trip to Hades meant descending into the darkness, where glaring alcohol flames on the opposite side of the bank lit up the Styx.

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We had heard the Sophomores were awful in Denbigh, so we could hardly wait to get there. Our blood was up. We took it grimly. They stayed until the dinner-bell rang. Item—our singing was even worse. This way was guarded by Eleanor McCormick and some other Sophomores—I think about twenty, but I cannot be sure—it may have been five. After I had been labeled we plunged into the mob still deeper. At the door each one of us was given a little hoard of paper money to spend just as we saw fit, and a cracker pig, or goat or lion.

One was given by someone in our class to meet her mother, and the other four were Junior teas.

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They are awfully nice girls. She first suggested that we all call each other by our first names immediately, which made me wonder if she were a practical girl.

Bryn mawr college yearbook. class of

It was a show to make young Freshmen stand and gaze in wonder, and yet to warm the cockles of their hearts. We shall not soon forget the burlapped savages of the Dahomey village, the cartoon- ist, the burden-bearing camel, the wild animals under the whip lash of beast-manager White. The rest of us got the door open somehow, and rushed madly down the hall to the front door.

There never was a happier piece of fortune for any one, than for when the first show given it in College was that of in the form of the Pan American. I never thought of that until this minute! There were spectacled tourists, who first stared then hastily took snapshots. Her name is Miss Kand she lives right around the corner from.

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The dignified upper classmen who took us to the recep- tion, regarded us much as a hen does her flock of chicks, and, to our surprise, seemed even a trifle bored before the end of the evening. October 8. We rushed through Radnor, fighting every inch of the way, which lay over trunks and other obstacles.

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It was living at high pressure; it was emotion at the boiling point!! After the doors were locked an expectant pause was broken by a yellow-haired girl—a Miss Mason, of Chicago, I was told—who, in an off-hand unselfconscious way moved that Miss Le Fevre be made chairman. At first there was just a mysterious rumble all over the house.

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This party was chiefly characterized by the wretched cheering of the Freshmen, who interrupted each and every class impartially. Nineteen hundred and five, Bryn Mawr! Firstly, I had never dreamed how many different parts of interior house furnishing might be regarded as temporary recep- tacles for human beings. When the time came to the Great Class at the appointed place, never shall I forget the thrill of horror which froze us all when the cry came that the Sophomores had locked us in and were guarding the front door. Suddenly an Indian death yell broke out downstairs.

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A strong man swung the youthful—not to say the less heavy—in high rope swings in fact, the rings. I drank three cups, for I was hungry. All seemed desperate. Florence Craig was one of the first. In Merion I seem to recall our coasting downstairs on some more trunks—but in Denbigh—ah! Once it was shouted that someone in back had fainted, but we who were the most compressed fainted not.

Behind the curtains hung across one end of the gym, could be found the only quiet spot, where a Chinese pantomime went on in continuous performance. These were quite nice girls, though. Just for a moment we saw her—and then a second time, when she held in her outstretched arms the bright, new red banner. I remember being detained on top of an ill-balanced trunk by three Sophomores, and being pulled therefrom by many helpful, shrieking classmates. On the afternoon of October 3, President Thomas gave her Annual Reception to the Freshman Class at the Deanery, where for the first time were instilled into them the traditions of the College—and especially the necessity of No Personal Violence; after which they were fed upon the lawn.

Of course, was the big, happy baby, as it had for Juniors. Montague dance! I think she must like me, for I was the only Freshman there, and the others were all Sophomores. Ultimate responsibility for assessing copyright status and for securing any necessary permission rests exclusively with the user. I was next to her, I think.

After this she suggested that we elect our basketball captain, then and there. Che ha! No hope for How to describe Denbigh? We gained no ground, however.