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Donate sperm and help single, lesbian and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents.

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Whilst searching through our Catalogue of Egg Donors it is you who will make the final choice of egg donorbased upon your own priorities and human values. Find out more about our Embryo Adoption programme.

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. All our egg donors have their own children. That is why we continue to share the risks with you even if you choose one of our Single Cycle Programmes, instead of our Money back Guarantee package. These sessions aim to reduce the burden of your negative experiences and the frustrations you feel and will enable you to run a light, quick and successful sprint towards your baby, rather than a long and heavy marathon!

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They become a part of this amazing miracle and feel a greater value within the world; they also gain from greater medical and psychological health and support. After your long journey of infertility, it will feel great to get back control over the situation! It was the best decision of our lives! So how can now you start this new journey if your suitcase of emotions, from your journey, is so heavy and you have not had time to unpack it? Many of our former patients are glad to share with you their life experiences and their personal journeys to parenthood through egg donation, or embryo adoption.

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It was clear that we had similar attitudes, interests and approach to life. These young women are driven by the opportunity of adding something better to the worldas they did when they had their own children and now by helping you become a mother too.

Once the matching process is complete the recipient is provided with extended and detailed information and photos of the egg donor from our Egg Donor Catalogue. Why do egg donors come to us?

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This means that we can now invite you to take an active role in your own egg donor choice and find an egg donor whom you feel a personal connection to. So please us! Choose from your heart, or more accurately — trust your brains impulses when you make your choice. Just follow your heartor for better words your brain, which has already made the best choice ever!

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We are committed to giving you back control and restoring your quality of life and by finally helping you to become a mother! To enable our patients to also receive the extended profiles and photo of the sperm donordonor embryos are created with sperm from the European Sperm bank ; many of these sperm donors are also contactable open by the child in the future. about our Introductory package. We will help you to restore your control over your situation in two ways:. Our egg donors are givers — they give away not only a little cell from their bodies, but also a huge part of their hearts.

All our egg donors are young healthy women, under the age of 32 years old, have their own healthy children and have gone through extensive medical and psychological screening.

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Individualized approach to every patient has helped us to achieve a How to start? However, if you do not want to use one of our packages with our Money Back Guarantee of live birth, we still understand how important it is for you to know what the process will be during your treatment.

Will everything feel and be as normal as if I had used my own egg? Our Doctors and Nurses are always happy to speak to you, via Skype, for a personal consultation. We believe that the more you know and understand about human biology, physiology and genetics the more clear your own situation becomes for you, as well as how to find the best solution. Egg donor childhood photos, up to the age of 12 years old, are available in their extended profiles to help you to choose the right egg donor for you. Egg donation is never a method of choice.

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Anna, Sweden. We are here by Your side at every step of the way in making your choice and are ready to help. We feel that the more information we provide you with about an egg donor and the more influence you have on egg donor choice, the less fear of using donated genetic material you will have.

Then we suggest that you also consider our Embryo Adoption Programme which is both affordable, but still individually deed. We have introduced our Educational Information Seminarswhich we hold regularly in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin for this exact purpose. Here they share with you their values, reasons for egg donation and own philosophies!

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We greatly appreciate the big hearts, dedication, loyalty and amazing individualities of all our egg donors! We know how hard it is to be unable to conceive naturally, then to go through unsuccessful fertility treatments and spend many years longing for a baby. Embryo adoption embryo donation is the process of transferring a donor created embryo into the uterus of a woman wishing to create her own pregnancy and future baby. Will I love this child?

No amount of money can truly reflect the gift that our egg donors give our patients. Our Money back approach to egg donation and embryo adoption treatment will at least makes sure that your financial investment correlates with your end result : either there will be a baby born, or your money is returned. Our highly experienced egg donation team matches the embryos to the recipients based upon their physical looks.

We understand that egg donation is a profoundly sensitive and even surrealistic situation, one that no woman in the world will have initially dreamed about, but one which you may find to be a beautiful ray of hope on your long journey towards a family.

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Now we invite you to take an active role in your own egg donor choice. Open the Catalogue of Egg Donors now! By their positive thoughts they attract a more positive future.

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Wanting to choose the best egg donor to create your future child is no more unnatural or abnormal than the wish of a woman to choose the best husband — the father for this future child. If I would have known at the start, what I know now, I would not have done my IVF-attempts at my age as egg donation gave us result straight away. To enable you to have the opportunity of finding that special unique egg donor that resembles you as much as possible, we have created a broad social network of well-educated and enthusiastic young mothers willing to become egg donors. So, do not try to find objective reasons why you should further compare the parameters and qualities.

However, we are always happy to consult with you and support you in the egg donor choosing process. Do not push back these feelings, trust this impulse as this is the key to your success! This is our investment as a Team in creating a comfortable and successful collaboration with you as a Client and a Patient.

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If after this educational and consulting process you decide that egg donation is not the right option for you as a person then this is also good for us to know; before many months have been spent in communication with you about something that you cannot accept on a fundamental level. What makes our dialogue with our egg donors so special?

Therefore, even in our single cycle programmes, we offer you the following egg donation guarantees:. Please note that all our seminars, personal consultations, educational and psychological skype sessions with our specialists are free of charge.

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Will the child love me? Does your invested efforttime and money correlate with the result of your fertility treatment? They recognize how much these children have already brought into their own lives and cannot imagine their lives without them.

Egg donation is a method of exclusion — an effective solution if other methods have been inefficient or have very low chance of success. Open the Catalogue of Egg Donors now. This maternal instinct, which has already guided you at such an early stage of your journey to becoming a mother, is still strong and it is telling you to do the best for your future child.

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Currently, 9 of our former egg donors have become our full-time Team members — so why not ask them? They talk to the audiences at our information seminarsbut they are also more than happy to speak to you on a private one-to-one basis. Hence, we want to introduce you to egg donation in the gentlest and easiest way from a moral, ethical and psychological point of view.

No one has ever told us that we should be humble, or undemanding when choosing a Mr. Now you are choosing an egg to create your future child and we believe that you now also have the same right to be as selective and attentive to the donor details as your heart tells you to be. We respect and treasure this! Individualized approach: We follow these 5 principles to give personalized treatment :.

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There is also no obligation to complete the package! We know that you would like to be sure that the donor, the clinic and the team have done everything possible to help you achieve a successful outcome! In our embryo adoption embryo donation programme patients will receive a top morphology, day 5 embryo which has been carefully created from egg and sperm from our best egg and sperm donors. We will start our dialogue with you by giving you psychological support from our team of professionals; these are top level psychologists specialized in the perinatal psychology of women.

Find out more. Egg donation may become the only opportunity of having own baby for women of an advanced reproductive age and low ovarian reserve, for women with genetic conditions and for those who have already been through several unsuccessful IVF attempts with their own eggs. Therefore, the less fear and anxiety you will have. !