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The rich shale oil formation deep below the rolling pastures here has attracted droves of young men to work the labor-intensive jobs that get the wells flowing and often generate six-figure salaries. But some women have taken aggressive steps to protect themselves. The man insisted they step outside, so they did, but 14 of Mr. The man backed down, they talked things over and no punches were thrown.

An oil town where men are many, and women are hounded

That disparity was even starker in the three counties where the oil boom is heaviest — there were more than 1. She let her body go limp so she would be harder to drag.

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Several said they could not even shop at the local Walmart without men following them through the store. Census data mostly captures permanent residents.

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He excused himself, he said, but then her boyfriend came over and accused him of grabbing her buttocks. But sensitivity is often absent here when men discuss women.

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That, hopefully, should hold me off until I go back next time in two months or so. Mannon said. And, she said, finding good men does not come easy. The episode left her rattled. What the oil boom has not brought, however, are enough single women. Get over it, you sissy. One hopped out and grabbed her by her arms and began dragging her. Most of the men who come here to work maintain their primary residences elsewhere and split time between the oil fields and their homes.

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I saw the girls I had planned to see. Some men liken the environment to the military or prison. Prostitutes from out of state troll the bars. Jessica Brightbill, a single year-old who moved here from Grand Rapids, Mich.

Many said they felt unsafe. Prosecutors and the police note an increase in crimes against women, including domestic and sexual assaults. And women note that many of the men who approach them are married.

Back to school

Brightbill said she has difficulty finding other young single women with the freedom to hang out. Eventually, a man in a truck pulled up and began yelling at the men and she got away, she said. Her family hardly ever lets her go out on her own — not even for walks down the gravel road at the housing camp where they live. High heels and skirts are as rare around here as veggie burgers. Some women have banked on the female shortage.

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Under flashing lights, some of the male patrons huddled at the bar, while others played games like simulated buck shooting and darts. Natasha, 31, an escort and stripper from Las Vegas, is currently on her second stint here after hearing how much money strippers made in Williston on a CNN report last year. Going out alone is now out of the question, and the friend she moved here with no longer has much time to spend with her because she has since found a boyfriend and had a baby. Over the past six years, North Dakota has shot from the middle of the pack to become the state with the third-highest ratio of single young men to single young women in the country.

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Zach Mannon, 23, who has been working in the oil patch for three years, said he once bumped accidentally into a woman in a bar packed with men. Business in her industry is much better here than in the rest of the country, she said.

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For Mr. Mannon, having women around was more about finding sanity than a soul mate. On a recent night at City Bar in nearby Watford City, the only women in the long, wood-paneled room were two bartenders and the woman running the karaoke. And most people around here say the gap is considerably larger.

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At work, at housing camps and in bars and restaurants, men have been left to mingle with their own. He denied it. Knapp, a tattoo artist with dark streaks in her light brown hair, a bird tattoo on her chest and piercings above her lip and left cheekbone.

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At the urging of her family, Barbara Coughlin, 31, who recently moved to Williston after her year marriage ended, is now getting her concealed weapons permit so she can carry a Taser.