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The North Texas Panhandle is a gathering of so many different elements. The rustic, time-weathered Palo Duro Canyon, commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of Texas, anchors not only the natural beauty of the region, but it stands as a reminder of everything that came before and how it le to the present moment. Set the stage for a perfect evening for you and your partner, as you enjoy the bouquet of aromas and tastes from wines made in the Lone Star State at the Bar Z Winery.

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And I'm pretty sure you will, too! Amarillo is located on Route 66the first U. The highway ran from Chicago to California, and it was the primary route for migrants trying to escape the Dust Bowl, as well as vacationers heading west in later years. The site's history is fascinating, and the landscape is gorgeous.

This post contains affiliate links. We were there for about two and half days, and we definitely didn't check everything off our list Are you arriving by plane? Can't get enough of Amarillo's unique roide attractions? As you explore Amarillo, you'll probably start to notice that there are horses everywhere you turn In fact, there are over of these painted horses throughout the city.

Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, making it a popular destination for musicians and other entertainers.

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That way, you'll be able to see everything that's happening on the stage and in the canyon. Learn more about the horses and find their locations here. It was very uncomfortable, and we skipped the longer hikes. Check out the minor league Sod Poodles at their new baseball stadium downtown Don't miss the Venoma professional indoor football team, if you're a football fan.

Combine City is a farmer's answer to Cadillac Ranch. Tip: We sat in the right rear section, and the sight line was fine. The museum has other travel-related displays, too, including a retro gas station. You can only view the shallow mines on a ranger-led hike, so reserve a spot in advance. Can you spot the Floating Mesa in the distance? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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For the best views though, get tickets in the middle or top of the center section. I'm not sure how historically accurate this musical is probably not veryand it does drag in spots.

20 fun things to do in amarillo, texas

Go early in the day to miss the crowds, and bring a can of spray paint or two to leave your mark on this unique piece of art. I'd also recommend skipping the meal it doesn't get good reviews. This classic road trip destination consists of 10 graffiti-covered Cadillacs buried in a field located just outside the city limits.

Then don't miss the Electric Light Parade! Before exiting the airport, take a pic with the colorful Amarillo mural You'll find the mural on the second floor near the ticketing area. While you can't drive the whole route anymore, it's fun exploring sections of it, like the Route Sixth Street Historic District. This Texas panhandle town has so much to offer visitors! The mesa is right before the junction with State Highway At this one-of-a-kind museum, you'll learn about the history of recreational vehicles and view vintage RVs like the world's oldest Airstream. The breathtaking Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the U.

You'll find amazing, panoramic views here, many hiking trails, lots of interesting plants and animals, and unique sights like the Lighthouse hoodoo.

21 best things to do in amarillo, texas

There is something for everyone: fun museums, outdoor adventures, tempting restaurants, one-of-a-kind and weird attractions, and much more. Amarillo is no dusty cow town Lake Meredith is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, like hiking, birdwatching, camping, swimming, horseback riding, and fishing. Here are some museums worth checking out on your visit:.

We only had a day to spend in this state park, and it wasn't nearly enough time. Combine your visit to Palo Duro Canyon with tickets to the musical Texaswhich tells a romantic story set in the s. While you can't walk among the half-buried combines like you can at Cadillac Ranch, it's worth a quick stop.

And soccer lovers will enjoy cheering on the Bombersa professional indoor soccer team. I'd recommend spending two days for a more relaxed visit. You'll learn about the coolest attractions — from classic to quirky to outdoorsy, and so much more — plus, you'll find tons of tips for planning your trip. Our flight took less than an hour Amarillo is the 14th-largest city in Texas, and it has an interesting history that revolves around ranching, oil and gas, helium, and even nuclear weapons.

You need to walk through a dirt field to get to the cars, so wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty. Alibates Flint Quarries is one of the least visited National Parks, and it's a shame! For more temperate weather, visit the canyon in spring or fall instead.


There are more than enough activities to fill a few days, and it's just a quick plane ride from Dallas and other nearby Texas, Southwest, and Midwest cities. And if you're planning a road trip, make sure to pick up a Route 66 Passport book so you can collect stamps along the route. The play takes place in a beautiful amphitheater and along the canyon's rim. As long as you're not expecting Hamilton though, I think you'll enjoy it.

Antique shops, restaurants line the road here. Will you be in Amarillo during the holidays? Sports fans will be happy to know that Amarillo is home to a of professional and semi-professional teams. I was sure what I'd think when I visited a couple months ago, but I ended up loving it.

Bring a zoom lens if you want to get good photos. Combine City, a unique roide attraction located just outside the city.

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Then, head out of town to view the Floating Mesa, which was funded by the same guy behind Cadillac Ranch and the giant legs. Tip: the temperature on the canyon floor can reach degrees in summer. This cool museum is actually part of an RV showroom. You'll find everything from quirky Cadillac Ranch to classic Route In fact, there are so many fun things to do that a weekend trip really isn't enough time. Speaking of roide attractions, Amarillo actually has quite a few.

The city's museums reflect the Texas Panhandle's rich history and culture. Cadillac Ranch is the most well-known roide attraction in the area, so you probably won't be alone. During your visit, you'll learn how Native Americans mined the colorful flint found here, then used it to make tools. Ready to learn more about this unique Texas city? Go into the store, and they'll show you how to get to the free museum. To get there from Amarillo, head northwest on Tascosa Road. These days, its location on Route 66 and near the Palo Duro Canyon, along with its quirky roide attractions, make it a fun weekend destination.

Amarillo has so many unique attractions.

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We visited in mid-June and were sweating buckets, even in the dry climate. This travel guide covers everything you need to know:.

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It's hard to miss it. The horses are part of the "Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse" public art project, and each one if different. You'll find Ozymandias on the Plains, which is basically a giant pair of giant legs, located just south of the city. The theater is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The Cadillac Ranch is a must see!

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Read about the historic buildings along Route 66 here. Tip: read my Texas National Parks guide to learn more about these two parks and my U. National Parks guide to find more parks throughout the U. The Tascosa Drive-In is one of Texas's last drive-in movie theaters, and it's the perfect place to take your family or go on a romantic date night. We found our passport at the Lile Art Gallery.

If you do go in summer, bring lots of water more than you think you'll need and plan to hike and do other strenuous activities in the early morning before the temp spikes. The site is a mesa flat-topped hill with a strip of white-painted plywood installed near the top Bring a zoom lens for a good pic, because you can't get too close. The author standing next to a horse statue. This Texas panhandle town makes the perfect weekend getaway.

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Which had led to some unique city nicknames, like Bomb City. Find more Amarillo event listings here.

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Shops and restaurants lining historic Route Amarillo is known for its vast helium reserves, and inthe Helium Time Columns Monument was built to commemorate the th anniversary of helium's discovery. A colorful on the historic Route 66 in Amarillo. Get there early and grab a bite at the concession stand, then settle in for a double header.

There are plenty of local events, too, like the First Friday Art Walk at Arts in the Sunset and the Amarillo Community Market where you'll find food, crafts, music, and more it's held every Saturday from June through September.