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But anyone who's a fan of the new mom knows that she's devoted to another Hollywood actor: Joshua Jackson. In it, he plays Bill Richardson, the wealthy, somewhat-dismissive patriarch of the Richardson household lorded over by his wife, Elena.

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Sookie and Jackson also talked about the topic of cheating a few times in their relationship but it was often with a humorous tone. Instead of going to Sookie to make the pizza, Rory went somewhere else. Considering it was his body, he deserved to have a say in the decision and to have his wife be honest with him about her desire to stop having kids.

A lover of being outside and finding the best latte in townLynn is typically hiking, walking, or jogging when she's not focusing on her love of writing.

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She had to come clean to Jackson in a very awkward conversation about accidentally going on a date with another man. Lynn Gibbs Articles Published Lynn is a nomad who travels the globe on the hunt for her next adventure with her husband. From their time working together to bickering over picnic baskets, Sookie and Jackson have some of the most relatable moments on screen. Funny enough, Sookie didn't think twice about this big change and was focused on other things. Their sarcasm with each other was something that worked well on their relationship and was envied by viewers.

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One of the biggest secrets kept was after the birth of Sookie and Jackson's second child, Sookie planned on Jackson getting a vasectomy. One of the most common things that Sookie and Jackson do at the start of their relationship is going on a double date with friends to ease the tension.

October they meet at usher’s 40th birthday party.

With Sookie especially, Jackson has even gone after Rory for hurting her feelings. As honest as Sookie and Jackson are with each other — they're much more forthcoming than Lorelai and her relationships — they do keep secrets from each other. Once they hashed it out, they both admitted that they were ready for the next step in their relationship and agreed that moving in together was what felt right. In "A-Tisket, A Tasket," Jackson became infuriated when he mentioned that his lease for his apartment was coming to an end and Sookie didn't seem at all interested in moving in with him.

Their small arguments are some of the best on the show, especially since they resolve them through discussion and understanding.

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They were always honest and sweet about a very touchy subject. It was off-track and off-brand for them.

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No couple is perfect. Both men know that there's no coming in between them and that their friendship takes precedent.

Joshua jackson and jodie turner-smith's relationship timeline: everything you need to know about their romance

But as soon as Emily Gilmore got involvedSookie was bit the wedding bug. Cheating is a topic that comes up for many on-screen couples. When it comes to shows streaming on Netflix or anything Bravo-related, Lynn's your gal. Miscommunications and annoyances come up that can either make or break a couple. And luckily for her, Jackson has always been understanding and non-judgmental. Jackson also claimed Sookie "cheated" on him when she chose someone else's fruit over his. Related Topics Lists gilmore girls.

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Watching Sookie taste-test his hybrid fruits and vegetables was a hilarious routine that only they appreciated. A small, simple wedding in Stars Hollow was perfect for them. Because their engagement was a spur-of-the-moment decision, they wanted their wedding to be as relaxed as possible.

Sookie once went out for food with an old friend of hers without realizing that said friend viewed the outing as a date.

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By Lynn Gibbs Published May 05, Share Share Tweet 0. Lynn is a nomad who travels the globe on the hunt for her next adventure with her husband.

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Jackson always had a goal of having four kids in four years, which did not sit right for Sookie. First dates can be nerve-wracking, so Sookie had Lorelai accompany her on a date with Jackson and his cousin, Rune.

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Lorelai as a single mom was refreshing for viewers in the early s. She never talked it over with Jackson, nor was he on-board with the idea.