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She also traveled abroad for a year. If you know the Carr Family, you know what a special family they are. Finding a photographer, picking a location, deciding what to wear — it all feels overwhelming.

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So…… The Amaral Family of Salinas has set the record for most photogenic, authentically kind and fun, most athletic, well styled family who great photographs. Seniors love working with our stylist and professional makeup artist, and have a blast at the session. Their family session was in Carmel at sunset, They were styled nicely and are a very athletic, good looking family who are very comfortable being themselves in front of the camera.

Sammy again showing her patriotism with the Stars and Stripes. It shows the connection and the fun spirit of the family.

Another photograph of Montana in natural light using off camera flash to light her face. My vision is to capture that unique quality in your horse and that special connection you have. Bohdi and I collaborated on this shoot. Natalie and my daughter, Ally were best friends growing up in Monterey. Devin is one of my all time favorite people, models, and assistant. He did a great job and he did it without looking like he was freezing!!

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Pete takes Family Portraits one to two times per year because he knows how fast life moves. Hey look!

The Burks Family session was the quickest session in the history of photography. He ways this and more importantly, he models it and remind his kids of this. Needless to say, the fire department came, but we had the fire out way before they got there.

I worked with Jonathan for years Super guys and Sylvia styled their outfits for their family session in Carmel. Quick commercial plug.

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She is currently a sought after model in the Monterey area while attending Hamilton College. Her photographs showed off her infectious good nature and sweetness! The fields of Salinas are great backdrops to stunning senior portraits. Gianna was one of my senior models and ed up for the three different look sessions. This was a fun, boisterous session. Destination sessions are available for families traveling to Monterey County or for the local families traveling outside Monterey County. I think I am now part of the family!

She was contacted by a modeling agency after the agency saw her images on Instragram! No competitive issues with this great family!


The beloved and respected Sherman family of Salinas had their family portrait taken at Pattee Ranch in Corral de Tierra in the golden fields of Salinas. Clothes were spot on, their attitude was as positive and their energy. Zach graduated from Palma School in Salinas as a true student athlete. They reflections in the water was icing on the cake. This family session took place in the golden fields of Salinas.

We lucked out with the sprinklers in the background. This equine session with Mandy and her beautiful horse. Baseball and sports are his thing, so we encorporated baseball into his senior session which took place in an undisclosed location in Salinas.

Adam had two separate senior session. Notice that everyone stayed in the monochromatic grey tones Is white, grey and black monochromatic?

Senior photography in salinas monterey and carmel

The Grim Family shoot was taken near Marham Ranch. But I i will say the Rylie caused the creek to run little faster for a couple of minutes there. Destination Senior or family sessions are a favorite in some of my high school seniors.

Family comes first for Pete. Tanner graduated from Palma School in Salinas. Ask the girls about the worse practical joke to do to young impressionable girls. I went to school with Larry and have know these guys forever. Senior sessions in the spring allows us to capture the landscape while it is still green and vibrant. Her senior session at the beach encorporated her passion for so many years. The sunset senior session at Carmel Beach was one of those that makes us remember how blessed we are to live near the coast.

This was shot at Carmel Beach at sunset.

Ally is my favorite daughter, person, and also assistant who I have taken pictures of all over the world. Her senior portrait was done at Carmel Beach at sunset as tourists tried to figure out who she is. We started out in Salinas and finished up in Carmel.

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We were in a field in Salinas, and the kids all had things to do, people to see. Great session Bohdi!! Despite her timid appearance kicks some butt as an eventer. I love when my seniors bring accessories. The theme this year was adventure in the kitchen baking cookies when Mom is not around.

The beach sunset sessions are all about getting creative with what we are given.

The bond between a horse and the partner is something that is unique and special. Finger gestures between families were being thrown around and a football game broke out at one point. I could feel the connection with each other. I felt like we were on vacation taking pictures on the beach of Carmel.

Family portraits

When I travel I am open to meeting my clients in Europe to setup a destination session. Here is my fantastic, smart and talented assistant Amelia with her family in Corral de Tierra. We did some horse senior portraits with her. It was an honor to take their family portrait! She had to hold still while I shot with a slow shutter speed to make the waterfall silky.

Just the thought of getting Senior Portraits done stresses most moms out. Bring accessories to your senior session like hats, scarfs, vintage trucks. Here is the other picture that I love.

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Bella has been a gymnast since she was 11 years old. This is part of her ongoing destination senior session in Newport Beach. Moms tell us they are amazed at the portraits -- we really capture each senior and their unique personality. She was one of my senior models from York School. I could highlight a half dozen family portraits of the Amaral Family. She went to York School in Monterey. Alyssa chose to have her senior session at a barn and then change locations to the fields.

They brought energy and a great attitude. We make this process really easy for families. Devin in her Yosemite destination senior session. She and her family took me to their cabin near Yosemite for a destination senior session. We had three sessions in different seasons.

You would never know that Izzy is a horseback rider. This is her Fall session at Carmel Beach. Great family! These guys showed up for this session.

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The Rega family has these two super cool kids. This is a fun loving family that wanted their photographs taken for a nice wall portrait. This was my first gymnast session at Carmel beach during sunset! We are still great friends and I also shoot their family every year!

Fun, authentic family portraits for families living in Salinas, Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach or surrounding areas. Watch the whole video to see the images toward the end at Carmel Beach. There are too many stories to tell about this portrait session.