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The CDC also revealed pregnant women are more likely to be hospitalized, admitted to the intensive care unit ICU and intubated. According to Dr. The good news is that the data does not show any increased risk in mortality. Another issue with the study is that it did not separate out women being admitted to the hospital for non-COVID reasons. Pregnant women are more likely to be admitted to the hospital, simply from pregnancy complications.

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Midwives are experts in supporting women in normal, healthy childbirth. Other fetal monitoring options for patients in labor who are not low-risk may include interrupted fetal monitoring. If you are in labor, you may have your C-section prior to the scheduled date. All of our staff have been trained to help moms with breastfeeding.

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Remember to honor this time. You may eat a light meal prior to coming in for your appointment 4. Starting and Progressing Labor Using the information above, the team will decide which method will be used to start your labor.

There are, however, general stages of labor and delivery that a health care provider uses to decide whether it is progressing normally for a vaginal delivery:. Natividad is proud to be the first hospital in Monterey County to offer midwifery services before, during, and after birth.

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If your induction should be postponed for 24 hours or more, we will schedule an appointment in our Prenatal Testing Unit to monitor you and your baby to be sure you are both doing well. At the hospital, you will be checked to see if you are in labor.

What is a Cesarean Birth C-section?

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Please note: We do our best to honor the times ased; however, many events in obstetrics cannot be planned. Rocking chairs, labor balls and alternative positions in bed are also available. For a scheduled C-section, you should arrive three hours prior to your scheduled surgery time.

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Intermittent Monitoring Staff will provide intermittent auscultation IA for low-risk patients in labor. In the unlikely event that your child requires specialized care after birth, they will be taken immediately to the NICU and attended by the neonatal care team.

Your doctor will decide if an induction of labor is right for you.

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Labor nurses are also advocates for laboring patients. They are an essential part of the team and rely on the expertise from obstetricians, family practice doctors and nurses if complications arise. According to the American College of Nurse Midwives, benefits of receiving midwifery care include:. Your doctor or clinic staff will call Natividad and arrange a time for you to arrive at the hospital for an evaluation and possible induction of labor.

A cesarean birth C-section is an abdominal operation performed to deliver a baby when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe. For an appointment, or if you have questions, please call us at Labor induction means starting inducing labor instead of waiting for labor to begin on its own. Midwifery Options Natividad is proud to be the first hospital in Monterey County to offer midwifery services before, during, and after birth.

We are so excited that you have chosen Natividad for the birthplace of your baby! Induction Instructions 1. Diaper bag At least one outfit for baby to wear home Baby blankets Baby book optional Car seat: bring it to the hospital but leave it in your car until you have been discharged.

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We will support you and your decisions in all phases of pregnancy. Sometimes double-checking is part of the safety process. Checking Your Baby Before beginning your induction, the team will examine you to check. Make it count for you and your family. A shower may be taken to relieve pain if your condition allows. While a doula does not provide any medical care, they work closely with the nurse and physician to optimize the birth process and experience.

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Do not wear jewelry, or bring money or valuables with you to the hospital 5. Try to be patient if they are asking questions you have already answered. If you are pregnant, chances that you will be able to deliver your baby through the birth canal, also called a vaginal delivery, are good. Once you are at the hospital, the team caring for you will review your pregnancy and medical records. You may bring visitors with you, but remember delivery will take days.

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Call 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure room and nurse availability 2. But there are cases when a cesarean section C-section is needed for the safety of the mother or baby. Midwives offer personalized, family-centered care to help you achieve your birth goals safely. Please note that sometimes a scheduled induction of labor may be delayed or postponed. Your labor nurse may encourage activities and positions that will be helpful to the progress of labor. They will communicate your wishes to other health care providers and offer information about progress of labor, coping methods and relaxation techniques.

Your labor coach or ificant other is allowed to be with you during your C-section. Still, you should be prepared to be flexible. The hospital staff will do their best to keep you informed if your induction is postponed or delayed.

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At Natividad, we support and encourage women and their families to bring a doula of their choice to participate in their care. Natural Techniques Some women choose to manage their pain with natural techniques, and we have several options and tools available. Alternative Labor Support Each patient is ased a labor nurse who is present during labor and birth. Your physician can discuss with you whether you are able to have a VBAC delivery.

Doula care has been shown to decrease the chance a mother will need a cesarean section and they also pregnant dating Salinas the birth experience. With support from my husband, midwife, physician, and doula we welcomed our 11lb 5oz son after laboring using movement, hydrotherapy, and upright pushing positions. If you have to urinate, the nurse will help you with a bedpan. If you are not in labor, you will be sent home to return on your scheduled date. Patient-Controlled Pain Management Nitrous oxide inhalation is a method of patient controlled analgesia pain management which empowers patients and provides the potential benefits including:.

As soon as we are able to see you, we will call you to come to the hospital. Your doctor performs a cesarean birth by making an incision in the abdomen and uterus to remove the baby. Being an informed consumer helped us achieve the positive birth we desired.

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A vaginal delivery is birth option that happens when the baby is pushed down the birth canal and delivered through the vagina. Every labor and delivery is different. Warm water immersion in a tub during the first stage of labor is one method that promotes relaxation and labor pain management. There are many options for managing and decreasing your pain.

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Information About Doulas. This means you would be attached to the fetal monitors for approximately minutes every hour and have freedom of movement for the rest of the hour. We are proud to be a Baby-Friendly Certified Hospital, which means that we support breastfeeding. Many women who have had a cesarean delivery can later give birth vaginally. You may take a shower or bath prior to coming in for your appointment 3. Other techniques used by labor nurses include proper positioning, touch, application of heat and cold therapies, and encouraging fluid intake.

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Labor is known for being a painful process. We are here for you, every step of the way. Your baby will be delivered as soon as possible and your nurse will keep you informed. This allows freedom of movement during labor. If you are unable to urinate, a tube may be placed in your bladder to keep it empty. Water immersion during the first stage of labor has the potential to decrease labor pain and anesthesia use, as well as shorten the duration of labor.

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Sometimes the baby does not wait for the scheduled date, so please come to the hospital immediately if you experience any of the following:. Read about the many labor options we support below. Once the epidural is placed, you will have to stay in bed.