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The quick guide below gives you all the basics to enjoy a successful paddle down the Lower Salt River. But if you want to upgrade your experience even more, grab the Complete Guide to Kayaking the Salt River —which is 6x more detailed and offers insider tips that will improve your trip experience. On summer weekends, the Lower Salt River can resemble a drunken party scene.

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Unlike motor rafts or oar rafts, passengers on a paddle raft have to use a small wooden paddle to assist with the propulsion and steering of their raft. Access to all river trips from all outfitters all in one place.

The restroom will have a toilet seat just like what you have at home, and is much more comfortable than a port-a-potty. For more information about the Native American inhabitants of the Colorado River Basin, we recommend that you make a stop at the nearby town of Peach Springs, the capital of the Hualapai nation. One advantage of using an oar-powered raft, as opposed to a motorized raft, is that the float trip speed of an oar raft allows you, the passenger, to spend more time chatting with your river guide and exploring the sandy shores of the Colorado River.

Rafting expeditions in the Lower Canyon take on some of the most notorious whitewater rapids along the Grand Canyon; namely, Lava Falls and Crystal Rapids. What Should I Pack? All Right Here.

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Western Canyon The western canyon trips is the western most miles the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon and begin with a helicopter ride at river mile Choosing A Rafting Adventure. Fortunately, Advantage Grand Canyon can provide you with the itinerary planning tools and outfitter connections to circumvent this logistical nightmare.

These showers often come and go and are refreshing given the high temperatures. Specifically, Advantage Grand Canyon will cut through booking delays and scheduling red tape, guiding you through the three key steps to planning a river rafting trip on the Grand Canyon:.

All The Outfitters. We have booked thousands of passengers on trips with all 15 commercial rafting companies and it's always at no cost to you. To help you plan the perfect trip, Advantage Grand Canyon collates and categorizes an exhaustive amount of rafting expedition data from each of the sixteen rafting outfitters operating in the Grand Canyon. Learn about Grand Canyon Rafting by watching our exciting videos Here.

We are priced exactly the same as the operators who are selling the exact same Grand Canyon river raft trips. The of this search make it easy for travelers to compare trip options and narrow down their search to a single outfitter. The average speed of an oar raft rarely exceeds the speed of the Colorado River current, around 4 miles per hour.

We Are Specialists. By grouping these raft types together, passengers can experience and alternate between two different yet highly complementary rafting options. When docked at camp, a toilet facility also known as the "Groover" is always available.

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Absolutely not. We do the leg work and contact every outfitter on your behalf. Motor rafts are typically around 35 feet long and can comfortably hold up to fifteen passengers plus dry bags and camping gear. Grand Canyon rafting is all we do! Learn About Motor Rafts.

Directing and propelling an oar raft are the responsibilities of your rafting guide — passengers are NOT required to assist with the rowing. Because Grand Canyon rafting expeditions are so popular, we highly recommend that would-be adventurers plan and book their trip reservations at least a full year in advance. Choosing an Adventure.

Some focus only on non-motor trips, while others offer motor as well as non-motor. It will be hidden away from the view of others as placement is carefully decided on by the trip leader proximity to the kitchen - downwind and not too close to the river and often will feature a gorgeous view of the Colorado river. Some commercial outfitters will offer sleeping cots, while others a self-inflating sleeping pad.

Spring and Fall trips feature more mild temperatures and cooler, more comfortable sleeping conditions. Oar rafts are a medium-sized raft type that can typically seat between six and eight passengers.

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What varies is their individual itineraries: Where trips begin or end, how many river miles they travel, how many days and the raft type. Canyon hikes along the north, west and south rim of the Grand Canyon not only offer spectacular views, they also give you the opportunity to learn more about the cultural ificance of the Grand Canyon to Native Americans.

A dory raft can hold up to four passengers plus a rafting guide.

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Just ask your guide and they will accommodate! Some will offer camp chairs, even pillows and even a way to charge you camera battery. The monsoon season begins on June 15 and ends on September 30, but the storms peak between mid-July and mid-August.

Your guide to kayaking the salt river

Allow us to assist you in finding the right trip based on your needs. As a result, the process of planning, scheduling and booking personal water rafting trips or canyon tours ranges from impractical to downright impossible. Awesome service! There are even ways to pee into the river while on raft, privately! These are some of the main differences between one outfitter to the next and I recommend calling us to discuss in further detail.

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While on the river, there are plenty of pit-stop opportunities, and disposable systems should you have to go 2 when not at camp. There are five main rafting options you can choose from when planning your Grand Canyon river rafting trip.

During this time, you can anticipate occasional showers periodically. We'll explain why one outfitter's Grand Canyon rafting trip may be better than the another's based on your requirements and expectations. Is The 9. As a result, motorized trips are widely regarded as the most time-effective way to explore the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. In addition to being one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, the Grand Canyon is also home to an unmatched assortment of world-renowned rafting routes and adventure destinations.

We are a free service to you and get paid a fee from the outfitters for referrals. To begin, all must keep excellent safety records and history per national park regulations. Unlike the inflatable rafts described ly, Grand Canyon dories are constructed from either hardwood or fiberglass.

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Dory rafts are a relatively uncommon sight along the Colorado River; in fact, only two Grand Canyon rafting outfitters currently support dory trip rafting tours. Lower Canyon The lower canyonbegins at the top of the south rim, Grand Canyon Village and descending into the canyon with a strenuous 7. There are 16 commercial outfitters that offer Grand Canyon rafting adventures, and they are all unique in their own way. Let's Go! Grand Canyon Rafting Routes. View them all now on our TripFinder - Search engine for all outfitters, or let us provide you with customized trip options.

Depending on where your rafting adventure concludes, you may have the opportunity to exit the Grand Canyon via a helicopter tour. The minimum age to experience Grand Canyon river rafting on a motor raft is 8 years old. The western canyon trips is the western most miles the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon and begin with a helicopter ride at river mile As experts in Grand Canyon rafting we provide a complimentary service in finding, booking and coordinating your raft trip based on YOUR needs and preferences. We've done it in every raft, down every route and in every season.

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to experience the Grand Canyon adventure. River Gear Shop Now. What Gear Is Provided? Because of their rigid and canoe-like de, dory rafts are marginally faster and ificantly more agile than other non-motorized raft types.

All employ very experienced guides trained in first aid with thousands of river miles spent rafting Grand Canyon as well as other rivers in the world.

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June through August trips are the more popular months and often reach temperatures between degrees during the day. Paddle rafts are the smallest raft type available for Grand Canyon river rafting.

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For more detailed information on routes, rafts or the classification of rapids, you can either search through our comprehensive trip database or submit a full-service Build My Trip itinerary request. Save yourself the trouble, and go with this company.

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The full canyon is considered as starting at river mile 0 Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon, AZ and ending at either river mile The lower canyonbegins at the top of the south rim, Grand Canyon Village and descending into the canyon with a strenuous 7. The only exception by a couple of outfitters strong recommendation would be a lower canyon all-paddle trip as the first couple of rapids are among the largest of the river, and there is very little time to get comfortable in the raft prior to these rapids.

All About Grand Canyon Rafting. We're supported by our outfitters.

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Motor rafts are the most popular rafting option for Grand Canyon trips. Because travelling on a paddle raft is more physically demanding, we recommend that you only select this option if you have experience with paddle-powered river runners or rafts.