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The teacher everyone loved

She would later deny any wrongdoing in a letter to investigators. And no one interviewed the mother or her son to learn more.

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The district advised Kauffman "to make a police report and then, maybe a notice would be placed in her file," according to a November from the mother to Angela Pruitt, the district's human resource chief. It sets up the emotional relationship before the physical one. Nor did the school district tell her. She didn't know parents can complain about a teacher's behavior by letter or phone to the DOE's own office of Professional Practices.

In Streyffeler's experience, "People don't massage students just once. But nothing in Hambling's personnel file suggested she was warned about inappropriate behavior of any kind. The year-old art teacher had been accused by colleagues of massaging and being massaged by a year-old Army JROTC student.

Reeling from the news, Kauffman called the school district to report it. For example, "One day after school, he shared with me a traumatic event that had happened to him. In 11 years at Estero High, Hambling's personnel file bore no hint of a problem. The student also denied there was anything going on, and investigators found no other information to suggest otherwise.

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I'm going to get with staff and see what we can do about it. Kenneth Dawson reported to his school resource officer. Two students, a boy and girl, had been discovered in Hambling's classroom closet during an inspection. Only when a colleague shared his own concerns at a basketball game did the teacher, who's now an assistant principal, think to question it. But there had been s of possible trouble before this, The News-Press found.

Florida's professional standards for educators prohibit them from exploiting their relationships with students for personal benefit. She turned to the Department of Children and Families but was told its hands were tied for the same reason. The only incidents in her investigation file -- massaging the JROTC student's shoulders, spending extra time with him, giving him pizza money - were seen and reported in the two weeks before she reed.

It is either a form of grooming, or something else is going on along with it. The district spokeswoman said her contact information was provided to DOE investigators, who didn't interview her.

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Keila Hissong, an English teacher who Davie said was with her, didn't file a report. Attractive, smart and married with two young children, the Estero High teacher charmed students and colleagues. Aroundstudents also confided to her brother-in-law, Chaz Hambling, "how she would take football players out after games. Even sexual innuendo is considered misconduct, and a school employee who sees or hears of it is supposed to report it.

Seluk assured the parent the school was aware of the issue and was building an investigatory file on Hambling, according to a text message obtained by The News-Press. On Nov. The incident wasn't in the inspection report, though, or in public records The News-Press requested.

The daughter of a Lee County construction family, she married an Air Force man and set her sights on teaching. Assistant Principal Kim Baxa is another who allegedly warned Hambling about her behavior, according to a conversation Kauffman recalled having with the teacher; her friend at the time. So it happened that the Department of Education cleared the teacher of the massage incident without investigating the new claim.

Grooming is not unlike courtship or foreplay, experts say. The mother had hoped the state would be informed to protect future students. Hambling didn't recall making the statements and attributed them to her students, according to Seluk's write-up of their meeting:. Hambling personally and have know sic her since we attended high school at the same time. You are welcome to bring a TALC representative as further disciplinary measures may be discussed.

The teacher left Estero High to start a new career as a mental health counselor, applying to work for a provider whose many clients include Lee County schools. According to student dating Fort Myers obtained by The News-Press, the school had been aware of irregularities about Hambling before this, but didn't put the incidents in her file.

The sheriff's office found no crime had been committed because her son had turned 18 in his senior year, Florida's age of consent, when the teacher allegedly had sex with him. But it didn't. On learning Kauffman had come forward with a new allegation about Hambling, Seluk texted her, "Oh, I will talk. Seluk's report wasn't documented in the teacher's file.

Hawkins was put on two years' probation for not coming forward sooner about Hambling, but others who waited were not. In a Decembera parent complained to then-assistant principal Jennifer Seluk about the teacher's sexual connotations in class:.

Her performance reviews glowed.

Hambling did not respond to The News-Press' phone calls, s or letters seeking her response for this story. The school administrators found the explanation satisfactory, spokeswoman Stillwell said.

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No notes or documents were made at the meeting, according to the spokeswoman, and neither of the inspectors who were present during the incident would speak with The News-Press. I would enjoy sharing my knowledge with students in need. Kauffman's son confirmed the sexual relationship to The News-Press but declined to comment.

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Asked how the district concluded this without interviewing the mother or son, "That is my understanding from the school and district personnel," she wrote. The district does, however, have an obligation to report any certified educator misconduct to DOE," Shaw advised.

Despite her reation, the school district could have alerted the state Department of Education, which was still investigating its report on Hambling's misconduct. Document: Jennifer Hambling's Department of Education file. No more, says a bill awaiting Gov. Rick Scott's ature inked by State Rep. Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero, to protect students. Rodrigues heard with concern that her son had been in the exceptional student education program, ESE, for students with student dating Fort Myers disabilities or exceptions.

His assistant principal, Johnnie Mae Hawkins, suggested waiting to see if it happened three more times, according to Dawson's statement. But she wouldn't talk to The News-Press. She no longer works for the district," Kauffman said she was told by a district Professional Standards and Equity official. Some students said she made suggestive remarks as far back as School employees are legally bound to report an observed or suspected exploitation of a student, including intimate or sexual contact. Hambling,'" Kauffman remembered. Related: HP cracks down on abuses of educator-student relationships.

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By now it was Maya year since his graduation, and he felt that he could tell her yes, it was true. The school moved quickly to investigate, and just as quickly — the same day — the teacher reed. Hambling," Amabile wrote. I was just so pleased he was happy.

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Then, five months after she reed, a mother informed the school district that Hambling had a sexual relationship with her son in during his senior year. It was Dawson who took the reporting initiative after noticing the teacher and student spending extra time together "for the past few months," according to his statement.

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Reportedly, Baxa had scolded her for bringing a female student home to spend the night. Hambling denied any wrongdoing. After multiple requests, the school district shared a memo from Estero High Assistant Principal Michael Amabile asking Hambling to explain what the students were doing in her art supply closet:. It's appalling.

However, he "is not a vulnerable adult," the DCF intake form states. She got him into yoga. Simmons' office to discuss unased and unsupervised students found in a closet in your room during 6th period on November 8th.

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A parent had claimed the teacher had engaged in obscene classroom banter. She had invited a troubled female student to sleep at her home. The district told The News-Press no such file exists. Finally, she started to put two and two together and asked him point blank. Baxa declined comment. According to Kauffman, Hambling had seduced her son gradually; from deep personal talks when he was a year-old sophomore, to classroom massages in his junior year at Then, when he was 18 and a senior, a first kiss, dates and sex.

Only inafter Hambling reed and her case became public, did she begin to suspect there might have been more between the teacher and her son. He was scared and I comforted him by patting his back.