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In the Cayman Islands no more than 1, people may gather outdoors and indoors. You can read the suppression levels here. The public is reminded that while the Cayman Islands borders remain closed, approval has not been granted for the operation of any commercial flights.

Get global updates from the World Health Organization here. As educational institutions and facilities operations, guidelines have also been issued for schools and early childhood care and education centres. Ensuring minimum impact of the COVID virus on the Cayman Islands is the highest priority for the Cayman Islands Government, and this includes consideration on when borders will re-open.

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Travel advice and restrictions from the Cayman Islands Governmen t. These Regulations came into effect on 21 January Businesses no longer require curfew exemptions or permission from the Competent Authority "Curfew Time" in order to open.

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The Cayman Islands remain closed to commercial travel. Persons may or may not choose to practice social distancing as they judge best. It should also be noted that airline vouchers issued by other airlines for such flights are not transferrable to the British Airways repatriation flights, nor are they valid for use on Cayman Airways. There is no prohibition on parties, stage shows, concerts and other social activities related to parades, however.

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on prevention measures here. The details are are unique to each island, and two islands may be on the same level at the same time but have different provisions. See below for the specific details. Unvaccinated travellers and for those where the vaccination certificate cannot be securely verified are required to complete a day quarantine period.

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Read who can receive the vaccine and when in the Cayman Islands. If you are having a medical emergency, including difficulty breathing, dial Unless you require emergency medical care, stay h ome. Hotlines and contact details for information and support in Cayman Islands. Each suppression level and guidance is specific to each island:.

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It is always recommended to maintain distancing from strangers, the elderly, and the vulnerable. No international flights are currently landing in Cayman Brac. A hour pre-arrival PCR test is required for all inbound passengers as well as testing at the end of the quarantine period.

The Office of the Ombudsman is aware of concerns that individuals are seeking to identify, and even publicly expose, people who are infected with COVID Aside from the moral, ethical and societal implications surrounding the stigma associated with naming and shaming another human being, there are legal implications if sensitive personal data is made public. To book inter-island travel contact Cayman Airways directly at www.

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From October 1, Phase 1 of travel will extend the of persons eligible to visit will beyond Caymanians, permanent residents, work permit holders and their families, to also include:. Parades, including carnival parades, still prohibited, regardless of location and the of persons participating, and require the express approval of the Cabinet via regulation to occur.

If so, a notice will be issued and this website will be updated to reflect the current policy. Do not visit a medical centre or hospital. How much does it cost to get vaccinated? These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually but commonly occur within days after a person has been exposed. Will I get side effects with the Covid vaccine? The Medical Officer of Health may also allow the owner or operator of other types of public places to require masks.

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As of Thursday, 15 July, some businesses may require you to wear a mask or face covering. No more than people may gather to exercise together indoors, and 1, outdoors. It is recommended to maintain distancing where possible, especially in public places, if you are in a vulnerable group or visiting with the elderly and vulnerable.

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Travellers are advised to check this website frequently for the latest news and information prior to confirming travel plans. When using a taxi, omnibus or school bus, the driver and all passengers must wear a mask or cloth face covering at all times. We understand that many managers, directors and company leaders may be wondering how to talk to their teams about the COVID vaccine now that it is available to everyone over the age of 16 years in the Cayman Islands.

The information and studies we are receiving on COVID grow by the day, and so does the understanding. The "soft curfew" or "Shelter in Place" provisions have also been lifted and no longer apply to any of the Islands. You can about the COVID vaccines available in the Cayman Islands here or by clicking on the some of the relevant links below:. Direct Airline Bookings. Effective June 23rd, mandatory quarantine has been reduced from ten to five days for those vaccinated by the HSA or where securely verified.

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We also have a list of helplines for critical services. Information for front-line and essential workers in the Cayman Islands. This official Cayman Islands Government website includes a lot of helpful information that is constantly being updated, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions and details of Policies in Action across the Cayman Islands.

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The latest suppression information for the Cayman Islands can be found here. Uniformed and youth organisations are not included in the procession ban. However, Regulations under the Public Health Law continue to provide for certain restrictions and requirements. on our Education Guidance. You may wear a mask or cloth face covering outside of your own home. For more information on inbound travel to the Cayman Islands. Due to the fluid nature of the COVID pandemic, border opening and arrivals decisions will continue to be evaluated and the process is subject to change.

Businesses have the authority to require any person who visits their establishment to wear a mask and to refuse entry to any person who refuses to do so. Public and processions and festive ceremonies are banned at all times, no matter how many people are involved. Your privacy is important and your healthcare providers and public health officials will always respect this.

If you can't find what you're looking for or have a question about your specific situation, contact your General Practitioner. If you have medical questionsmany resources are available on this website and at hsa. Here are some tips.

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If you have a medical emergency dial Get updates from the Pan American Health Organization here. While it is not legally required to socially distance in the Cayman Islands, i t is recommended to maintain distancing where possible, especially in public places, if you are in a vulnerable group or visiting with the elderly and vulnerable.

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The Cayman Islands are currently under suppression level 2 or 'minimal' suppression. The Cayman Islands Government is aware that some airline websites are offering flights to the Cayman Islands and accepting future bookings. Around one out of every six people who gets COVID becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing. As of Tuesday, 25 Augustsocial distancing is not legally required in public spaces in the Cayman Islands. However, owners and operators must be aware of restrictions and requirements that continue to apply to their specific operations.

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. Travellers who make reservations directly with any airline while the Islands borders are closed are doing so at their own risk. The guidelines should be reviewed in light of current government guidance. As of am on Sunday, 21 Juneall "hard" curfew orders have been revoked in the Cayman Islands. We are currently on the following suppression levels for the Cayman Islands. Learn more.

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Information for the public, including on the current situation in the Cayman Islands. If you test positive for COVID, you might feel worried about your privacy and want to remain anonymous. More questions. here.