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He's met Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and often gets asked to take his shirt off.

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He'd love to make you a Bourbon Neat. Kimberly Paul.

ebony housewives Frankie

She's been compared to Pink and won't stir your drink with her finger. He's a sci-fi nerd and won't make your drink to go. She served Steven Tyler once, and says he had some "weird" requests. His Old Fashioned is legit. Some were meant for them. Call him Powder.

Cowboy pickup lines

Can you give me directions - to your heart? Talk to him about comic books. How about the time I had a customer tell me, "Hey, I lost my phone. Now, tell me, where are you hiding your wings?

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Invite her to something cool and she might be your friend. She's sick of Spice Girls and won't lick your glass. Probably, "You got a pretty nose. He used to be a dancer and choreographer.

Texas bartenders reveal the cheesiest pickup lines

But people continue to use them. It wasn't insanely lame per se, but I had a guy tell a lady he wanted to sponsor her one night. Ask him to make you a BB King.

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She's not mean! And over.

married women Estelle

He once shook daquiris with Dave Chappelle. Some were directed at others. A "bro" with a judgmental grin jumps in a conversation between two ladies: "You're fit?

fit ladies Allie

Over and over. Can I have yours?

cutie floozy Alayah

We asked some of Houston's most popular bartenders to drop the cheesiest, lamest pickup line they've heard at the bar. The girl wasn't impressed.

So you know, I could call it and help you find it. He just wanted to break the ice.

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Like the movie. I hope it's Tennessee whiskey, 'cause you're the only ten I see.

naughty sister Estella

Send your kids back to school with the right safety supplies. Today's Picks. There is always that one guy that asks, "Can I have you on the rocks? He once served a drink to George Clinton and "got the chills. But she won't dance on the bar.

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None of these likely work. She once heard a guy compare a girl to Celine Dion. He says no request is too strange or outrageous. She once had someone offer to pay co-workers to work her shift so they could go on a date. She'll make you a mean Puerto Rican Donkey Punch. Most Popular. She's afraid of the dark and sick of Cardi B. Don't leave your kid as collateral. Because there's no way all that perfection is real.

Historical pick up lines

To be honest, I'm not really sure if it entirely failed or worked. It matches your facial features really well. Do you even squat?

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She once served a drink to R. I don't even know where to start, but there was this guy that told a girl, "You'd look real nice in my Ferrari.