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Wood siding has been ubiquitous with home construction for thousands of years. From home as rustic as the log cabins built by earlier settlers to the grand Georgian Style mansions wood siding has played a pivotal role in its many shapes and forms. One of the simplest forms of wood siding, clapboard are essentially just solid dimensioned lumber that are installed horizontally in a shingling effect from the bottom to the top of the wall. Clapboard do not have rabbets or other patterns milled into them.

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Profiles possess their own particular attributes, which can lend a particular profile more towards a certain purpose than another. You can reach us at sales duffieldtimber.

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Price differences between shiplap and V-groove can vary depending on the species of timber used. This is a mistake — shiplap is actually a tongue and groove profile itself.

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When it comes to cladding, the profile refers to how the wooden panels fit together. Despite shiplap being optimal for rainfall resistance, V-groove cladding still protects buildings effectively from weather damage.

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Overall, however, the differences between shiplap and V-groove are very minimal — with the right species and installation, both represent a secure, beautiful and weather-proofed cladding profile choice. If a more modern de element is priority, V-groove might be your best choice.

Tongue and groove

Like shiplap, each timber panel has a tongue the thinner, protruding ridge on one edge, and a groove the slot along the opposing side. Rather than shiplap, you may be thinking of halflapwhich does not have a tongue and groove fit.

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A cladding project of exotic African hardwood is always going to cost more than the equivalent using Siberian Larch — regardless of profile used! In the finished project, this fit can produce different properties in terms of strength, structural integrity, weather protection and appearance. It can be fixed vertically or horizontally, providing a strong shield from adverse weather conditions such as rainfall.

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This is not just an aesthetic difference; this longer curve has an additional function providing extra water run off. A traditional cladding choice for out buildings, shiplap has a tongue and groove fit, for a secure way of fixing and is almost always used horizontally offering optimum rainwater resistance to aid with rot, decay and swelling.

The ultimate guide to wood siding

Explore our expansive range of high-quality V-groove and shiplap cladding, available in a of stunning, versatile species. With its smart appearance, it might also become your profile of choice for aesthetic reasons.

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The strength and durability created by the interlocking panels is one of the most impressive aspects to V-groove cladding; this profile is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to build a very sturdy structure. Note, however, the longer curve detail on shiplap cladding.

Shiplap vs. v-groove: which tongue & groove profile is best?

This blog post will be comparing the two most popular types of tongue and groove cladding — shiplap and V-Groove sometimes known as V-ted cladding. Once fitted together, they form a V — hence the name.

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We often hear people seeking to compare shiplap with tongue and groove. With its uniform chamfer, it allows panels to together to make a flatter cladding surface, with a little shadow line creating distinction between boards.

For installations that need to withstand harsh elements and heavy rainfall, shiplap is the preferable option.

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