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The purpose of the Baby Watch Early Intervention Program BWEIP is to enhance early growth and development in infants and toddlers, who have developmental delays or disabilities, by providing individualized support and services to the child and their family. Early Intervention EI services are provided through a family coaching model that focuses on helping children meet goals in all areas of development. Help Desk: btotshelp utah.

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I admire her tenacity and her ability to bring her personal style to the Supreme Court uniform.

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Establishing a humanitarian organization that supports orphans, battered women, and children. I want to leave the world in a better place for my kids in particular, for my daughter.

Unable to photograph our winners, and with a tight window before our magazine went to press, we decided to work with an amazing illustrator, Brooke Mills, to create custom illustrations of each of our winners. It would most definitely be my late grandmother. John Williams, former president and owner of Gastronomy Inc. To be a real-time example that women should be comfortable leading by example with hard work, inner strength, and determination. For real. Amen has been a game-changer for me.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, she graduated from Miami University of Oxford with a degree in communications. Zoom — It has become an invaluable tool to connect people in our current new normal. I had the opportunity to meet Doris Kearns Goodwin and was inspired to read her newest book, Leadership in Turbulent Times. What If? It has been life-changing because it allows me to access and engage with book-form content easier and while multitasking.

She has a background in television, print, and web media, as well as public relations and event planning. Christine Day. She is an incredible example of a female leader who strives to strike the right balance between family, career, and self. Suzanne P. Because I love to travel, it helps me manage my work-life balance. What do you most want to accomplish in life?

What person most inspires you? My son, Campbell. Long-term I appreciate the flexibility to provides businesses to be even more creative in supporting the individual needs of the employees while still achieving organizational priorities. The biography of Madame Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in physics and later in life receiving another Nobel Prize in chemistry.

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I would love to write a book to document my life experiences coming to America and to share with others that challenges can be overcome. Their stories are of survival and happiness from within. Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The women of Utah are known for their leadership.

My little sister, Wendy Bennion. I love that you are highlighting these women.

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LinkedIn: linkedin. Lindsay Bicknell is the project coordinator for Utah Business magazine. By Lindsay Bicknell. I have an absolutely horrendous sense of direction and I hate to sit in traffic. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner What do you most want to accomplish in life?

I would not be able to function without Outlook telling me what to do and when with many friendly reminders. For me, success means raising my son and four daughters to believe that they have unlimited potential, can achieve anything they set out to do, and should use their resources to benefit the lives of others. Utah Business. The MX app.

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I showed myself that I could finish a fourteen hundred unabridged version of a novel written in in another language! I want to end child sexual exploitation. You can learn more about Brooke and her art at etsy.

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Help us celebrate the women of Utah who are leading the way in business, politics, education, and so much more. The Bible. My Sociology textbook during my first year of undergrad made the biggest impact on me and my life direction. In some small ificant way I want to contribute and serve.

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This book changed the way that I approach goal setting. Google Maps!

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Travel more and spend more time with family and close friends. Mindset by Carol S. Dweck was the most transformational in my understanding of what le to success and happiness. I read this book for the first time in college, and it taught me how to pursue my dreams.

Hi Ryan and Anna, we would love to see their faces too! The ideas and essays published through Medium are captivating and thought-provoking. My husband. I am focusing on being the best role model I can, fighting for women and moms in the workplace, and making sure she is raised to believe she can achieve anything she dreams of. Events Subscribe About. Strong female characters, often in tough situations beyond their control that they triumphed over.

At 50, he left a year career and followed his heart and passion to start a new journey as a fine artist.

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Between road trips and seeking out new places where I travel for work and family life, Google Maps has saved me from being late and lost countless times. As a transplant to Salt Lake City, she can't get enough of the mountains and loves snowboarding. Google Maps.


To be known for a servant leadership style that inspires and elevates team members to become leaders in their own right. Facebook has most changed my life because it continues to help me stay connected to people I have met all over the world. Siddartha by Hermann Hesse.

And he is slaying it. My vision is to have Utah be where women have fulfilling careers in tech and successfully raise their families. The camera app. Epic Bank has been life-changing in helping me organize all of my finances in one place. Dolly Parton, hands down. I hope to expedite entrepreneur growth and create a stronger economy for future business and technology founders. Professionally, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod has had a big impact on me in terms of productivity and accomplishing my most important goals.

I think I take a little from everyone depending on where I am in my life. It helps you focus on the big picture while letting go of immediate circumstantial distractions. To start and run a nonprofit to assist socioeconomically challenged women with obtaining and using advanced degrees.

Words with Friends. The Road Less Traveledby M. Scott Peck. Sleep Well. The Medium app.

Jennifer E. Microsoft To Do! Mother Teresa. I want to work on building things that will outlive me. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. LinkedIn: www.

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This book was the first step in finding a path forward from a really challenging stage of my life. It provides you with ambient melodies and relaxing voices so that you can unwind and fall asleep quickly. I want Gourmandise to help make people feel special, both people who we serve and people who work with us. I also want to laugh a lot.

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Measure What Matters by John Doerr. July 1, What book made the biggest impact on you? She spent the majority of her life in complete darkness, yet, she illuminated our lives with so much light.